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It's Russian. What a surprise. Improve your win-rate today.

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Hi there. It's that time again.

General Changes:

  • Sweet Tooth now has a slight delay between deployment and spawning
  • Sweet Tooth missile damage slightly reduced

USA Factions:

  • IR Smoke invulnerable time reduced to four seconds
  • It now fills its intended purpose of a retreat function, rather than an attacking one
  • Chinooks now auto-repair because it's harder to get an Airfield up sometimes

Super Train General:

  • Changed Experimental Particle Cannon to green to match the plasma spheres it creates

Chinese Factions:

  • Neutron Shells upgrade has been removed
  • Cluster Missile upgrade takes its place on your Nuclear Missile Silo if applicable
  • Cluster Missile upgrade applies to your Nuke Cannons
  • It gives Nuke Cannons a cluster missile that explodes into many bomblets
  • Good for larger damage radius, but lower overall damage
  • Hacker Vans moved to Propaganda Center to free up a button, and production time

China Nuke General:

  • Command Tank now uses SSNR Shells as a secondary option instead of broken Neutron features
  • Nuke MiG SSNR effect should look a bit nicer when triggered airborne. Should

China Special Weapons General:

  • Silkworm rebalanced into a high damage precision weapon for single targets
  • Silkworm ranged reduced, from 450 to 400
  • Silkworm AoE and damage have been tweaked accordingly

China Tank General:

  • Battlemasters are now correctly affected by Depleted Uranium Shells upgrade
  • New stupid tank! JS-7, or IS-7 depending on your location
  • JS-7 is faster than a 279, but has slightly less armor
  • JS-7 reloads faster than 279, but deals less damage
  • JS-7 benefits from Autoloaders upgrade. I forgot the upgrade Cameo because I'm bad, but it works
  • JS-7 does not auto-repair and is vulnerable to toxins and radiation
  • tl;dr JS-7 is faster but has less armor. Speed for fast strikes
  • Gattling Tanks no longer create a Dragon Tank. Go build Dragon Tanks, noob
  • Razor Bombers no longer create a Dragon Tank

GLA Factions:

  • Prions are now properly affected by Stealth Generals Veteran Vehicle Training GP


  • Improved SSNR and Firestorm FX
  • Sturmtiger now uses huge arty explosion FX from OFS. You should play that after you play this
  • Fixed some art on Field Hospitals when building in snow


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Gonna think when i could play this.

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Can you make it so that the hack vans from China automatically start hacking when they come out or being idle? :D It would save me some clicks and the efforts to find the ones that aren't hacking craigslist :)))

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