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Beat the crap out of some Workers with America's finest.

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Enjoying your life in the zone quarantine? Let's get to it.

Important Stuff:

  • Reworked the ranking system, again
  • Expanded point cost on Generals Powers to a maximum of 10
  • Adjusted point gain per level to be more linear
  • This is an experimental change and we'll see how it goes. The purpose is to lessen the massive power spike upon hitting Rank 4
  • Added a subtle sway effect on most infantry
  • Attempted to fix some hotkey conflictions, results will vary
  • Created a new HeroArmor for all Hero units. Slightly more resistant to bullets, guns, things in general

Physics Stuff:

  • Fixed 'helicopters and things landing on units and dealing damage' once and for all
  • Removed NO_COLLIDE from Airships and the Super Spectre
  • Found and implemented an easier way of dealing damage if the unit lands on a structure
  • Increased structure weaknesses to FALL type damage
  • All helicopter/airships deaths now deal large amounts of FALL damage, beware

American Factions:

  • New joke unit! Riot Police!
  • Model from BFME1, voices from Payday 2. They smack infantry and have a passive damage aura
  • Made SWAT Vans unattackable while parachuting to fix all potential bugs
  • Nerfed Avenger PDL rate, from 100ms to 333ms
  • Burtons can now detect Landmines and Demo Traps in a small radius

America Armor:

  • Removed IR Smoke from Mammoth Tanks

America Super Train:

  • Reduced the offset of Alpha Humvees when supersonic

China Special Weapons:

  • Flying Submarines require a War Factory before production
  • Flying Submarine price increased, from $2,000 to $2,500
  • Reworked Exp give and gain on Flying Submarines; small increase to both
  • Submarine build time increased, from 20 to 25
  • Submarine HP reduced, from 500 to 450
  • New unit! Pangolin Infantry!
  • Medium range missile infantry
  • Pangolin is an infantry-based anti-air unit, something everyone has wanted

GLA Factions:

  • Flak Emplacements no longer block line of sight
  • Flying Roaches no longer directly hit infantry
  • New unit! Prion light tank!
  • A small, sneaky tank with a completely anemic gun. But you aren't buying it for the gun. You're buying it for the giant missile strapped to the side.
  • Prion scrap increases the aspects of the gun; +1 shell, better reload, less delay between shots. Per scrap.


  • Tunnel Networks now give a little baby toxin tractor instead of that super turbo one

GLA Stealth:

  • Nerfed War Truck for the final time (hopefully).
  • War Truck now requires a Palace
  • Fixed extensive range issue on the garrisoned gunner
  • War Trucks can no longer be transported via tunnels or other means due to bug that would make the gunner un-targetable
  • Fixed War Truck stealth in relation to the gunner, so they should be in sync more often
  • War Truck price increased to $1,000


  • Fixed bad PitchShift values on Iron Dragon Infantry
  • Fixed visual error when REALLYDAMAGED on Iron Dragon Infantry
  • Fixed visual error on SWAT Vans when landing
  • Fixed T-26 Snow art
  • Maus and MBT's can now be stunned by Jarmen as intended
  • Fixed a bunch of mistakes regarding Demo General structures and PARTICLE_BEAM damage
  • Improved Scimitar focus when attacking
  • Added shadows to SCUD missiles and Nuclear missiles
  • Increased rage and hatred by 500%
  • Finally updated the model of the Alpha Humvee bomb. It's a train. What a surprise.
  • Attempted to fix 'AI spawns EMP transport plane at the target location.' Results will vary.
  • Nerfed Artillery Platforms a little bit. Range reduced, from 450 to 400. Some minor rate of fire adjustments as well

where's the patch??

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am i the only one who gets a crash that notifies direkt x 8.1 is missing?

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Theres a couple youtube videos on how to fix that. Mine was as simple as deleting one specific file in the main game folder.

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