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The people revolt. The angry mob is angrier. Anarchy.

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Once again, it's time.

Important Stuff:

  • Increased vehicle weakness to JET_MISSILES type damage. Does not include anti-air vehicles
  • Most structures will only take half damage from jet missiles
  • Command Vehicles now show up on your radar as a HERO unit
  • Kirov's, Assault Airships and the Super Hercules will now always reach the ground when dying, instead of vanished if they hit a building
  • Increased the damage that helicopters and airships do when landing on the ground and dying

Command Vehicle Rebalance:

  • Reworked Chinese Command Tanks and GLA Command Buses
  • Reduced the variety of infantry trainable from Command Buses
  • Removed Hijacker Strike from all Command Buses except Stealth General
  • Added a unique strike ability to all Command Buses
  • GLA Vanilla: Tech Airport Strike, unchanged
  • GLA Demo: Death Hand Missile Strike
  • GLA Salvage: Paradrop improved Marauders. Model from OFS <3
  • GLA Stealth: Hijacker Strike
  • Added a unique strike ability to all Chinese Command Tanks
  • China Vanilla: Shenlong Paradrop with slightly improved stats. Model from ROTR <3
  • China Infantry: Iron Dragon Infantry Paradrop. Model from DI, voices from BFME II
  • China Nuke: Nuclear Cluster Minefield
  • China Tank: Tesla Tank Paradrop
  • China Spec: NOTHING. You get Doctrines to pick from instead
  • Updated Iron Dragon Doctrine ToolTip to specify the Damage Bonus does not affect the units listed

Hero Rebalance:

  • Improved Jarmen Kell's range, from 225 to 300. Range after PTRS increased, from 300 to 400
  • Improved Burton's range, from 170 to 225. Range after OICW increased, from 170 to 300
  • Armor General Burton range increased, from 260 to 350

USA Factions:

  • Tweaked Elite Bulldozer armor slightly, ensuring it can be countered by a single terrorist in PvP
  • Fixed Microwave Tank CommandSets
  • IR Smoke FX now follows the vehicle that deployed it
  • Increased normal Firebase damage, from 60 to 150
  • Increased normal Firebase range, from 275 to 300
  • Laser Firebase damage increased, from 10 to 18
  • Rangers will now Mission Impossible when Combat Dropping
  • Added useless Police Cars to Trump Tower. Voices from GTA 4

USA Humvee General:

  • New unit! Longvee!
  • It's a long Humvee that can hold up to 8 infantry
  • Longvee is armed with a Battleship cannon and SSM Tomahawks

Super Train General:

  • Transform button should be fixed. Keyword: should

USA Airforce:

  • Updated the firing sound of the buildable A10

Chinese Factions:

  • Slowed the Hacker rate when inside the Internet Center, from .5 seconds to 1 second (still twice as fast as being outside the Internet Center)
  • Fixed Guard Button location on Command Tanks not lining up with other units in the group

China Nuke General:

  • Increased Nuclear Convoy Truck price, from $3,500 to $4,500
  • Nuclear Convoy Truck should reveal the location when it dies, so you can see the cool explosion
  • Significantly reduced the radius of self destructing Devastator tanks. Damage remains super high, though
  • Heavy Uranium Artillery now shares its reload time with the 5-shell barrage ability

China Infantry General:

  • Slightly increased the damage of Mad Missile Men. Changed visuals on ground weapon
  • Decreased Turbo Minigunner range, from 210 to 200
  • Removed the 'spot hidden units around targeted unit' feature from Spotting Infantry. I think it caused mismatches sometimes. ToolTip updated accordingly

GLA Factions:

  • Doubled Angry Mob size, from 10 to 20 members
  • Fixed Angry Mob animations
  • Reworked Battle Buses; comes with 4 RPG's, costs $2,200
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Cash Bounty. New Cash Bounty levels are 15%, 30% and 45% respectively
  • Improved Assault Airship ability to fire while moving
  • Randomized Stinger Site reload between 1 and 1.5 seconds
  • Increased the cost of Bazooka Infantry, from $150 to $200

GLA Vanilla:

  • Buffed Chameleon tank. Range increased. Range starts at 300 and increases by +25 per scrap level
  • Damage increased on each scrap level by +75
  • Reload time is made slower from each level of scrap, by .25 seconds
  • Chameleon tank price increased, from $900 to $1,000
  • Improved usefulness of the Extra Salvage Upgrade
  • Extra Salvage now also gives +33% HP to Arms Dealer units
  • Fixed Bomb Trucks using both types of Anthrax once upgraded

GLA Stealth General:

  • Reworked War Truck. Gunner can be killed and must be replaced for $100
  • Condensed the 'Building Gap Generator' upgrade into the 'Advanced Gap Generator' upgrade from the Palace. No idea if it works

GLA Salvage General:

  • Basilisk price increased, from $1,800 to $2,200
  • Basilisk reload increased, from 5.5 to 10
  • Basilisk build time increased, from 15 to 20
  • Fixed an error where Basilisk scrap actually reduced range


  • Increased the mass of dead Kirov's. This should prevent them from bouncing around when others die nearby
  • Small Supply Piles now correctly have $7,500 worth of supplies
  • Fixed hotkey confliction on Sharpshooters
  • Greatly increased the exp required for Sweet Tooth to level up
  • Renamed Orange Orange to Jundiyy
  • Renamed Royal Purple to -DoMiNaToR-
  • Condensed Spec Ops Infantry upgrade ToolTip so the price is readable now
  • Fixed Anthrax Bomb decals to show the true damage radius of 300
  • Fixed hideous muzzle flash issue on Razer Bomber bombs and HALO Tank Drops
  • Fixed SWAT Van Paradrop decal not appearing when placed
  • Included the fixed Challenge file in this update

Thanks for playing. Happy new year <3


Why Longvee and not Limo Humvee?

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where is the download link?

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