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Artillery is a dynamic gameplay unit that prevents you from camping. Advanced technology.

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There may be some controversial changes in this update. Oh well. Here's what happened:

All factions:

  • Added 5 new voices that can play when you get promoted
  • America features 5 unique pieces of freedom
  • China features 5 unique pieces of anime trash
  • GLA features 5 unique pieces of halal garbage
  • Expanded the ranking system to include a total of 50 ranks, instead of 8
  • There are numbers next to your current rank, displaying where exactly you are
  • Rank 3 powers now require Rank 20
  • Rank 5 powers now require Rank 30
  • Added select portraits for the following units: War Truck, Anti-Air Jeep, Junk Repair/Flex Tape, Heavy Uranium Artillery, Commando Worker and Typhoon Artillery that nobody builds
  • Changed all font to 'Comic Sans MS'

American Factions:

  • Added SWAT Vans to Trump Tower
  • CIA Agents no longer require a Generals Point to unlock
  • New unit! Chrono Infantry!
  • Fires a high powered laser at short range
  • This unit requires power to function!
  • This laser weapon is so strong that it must draw power from your power supply!
  • Requires a Particle Cannon to build; Unavailable to Armor General

America Armor General:

  • Refined usefulness of the Howitzer Generals Point
  • Added Field Guns; Model from Project Raptor
  • The Field Gun is constructed like a base defense, but selectable like units
  • No more than 5 Field Guns can be built
  • Field Guns can bombard anywhere on the map, but must be manually given targets
  • Battery Emplacement range reduced, from 500 to 420
  • Battery Emplacement minimum range increased, from 50 to 75

America Laser General:

  • Dozers upgraded with PDL should no longer trigger Demo Traps

Super Train General:

  • Gets Flashbangs for free upon building a Barracks

Chinese Factions:

  • Gun Battery requires 4 power instead of 6

GLA Factions:

  • War Factory is now built slightly faster
  • Refined Tree burning mechanics

GLA Demolition General:

  • Flak Troopers now properly require the Dynamite Pack upgrade to create a Demo Trap

Dr. Thrax:

  • Increased damage on the Assault Airship Viral Spray

GLA Salvage General:

  • Scrap Car now starts as a car bomb

Chinese Factions:

  • Slightly reduced the effectiveness of MiG ECM Smoke

China Infantry General:

  • Gets Capture upgrade for free upon building a Barracks
  • Moved Flame Trooper to the Barracks

China Special Weapons General:

  • New unit! Kobra Howitzer
  • Available at the Advanced War Factory
  • Armed with 2 shells; High Explosive and Bunker Busting
  • The latter can kill infantry inside of normal garrisons and has an attack bonus against base defenses
  • Advanced War Factory requires 3 power instead of 5


  • Chinese Main Battle Tank price reduced to $1,900
  • GLA Bomb Trucks now start with their full payload, no upgrades required
  • Removed the related Bomb Truck upgrades as they are not longer needed
  • Added Grinder Landmines to Spec General's Gun Battery
  • USA Battle Dozer damage increased from 300 to 400
  • Maus now properly displays tracers when firing with veterancy
  • Radiations and Toxins will no longer cancel out other fields. Allowing them to be stacked for more damage. This removes the annoying feature where a smaller anthrax field could remove a larger one
  • Trimmed some unused and old code
  • Various missiles and shells can now collide with aircraft: SCUD Missiles, Kobra Howitzer shells, Nuclear Topol missiles
  • Increased Fuel Lifetime for SCUD Launcher missiles, as a full range shot sometimes failed to reach the target

Challenge Mode:

  • Demo General should use more War Factory units
  • Demo General attack waves should scale slightly faster, as originally he never reached high tech levels on his attack waves
  • Dr. Thrax should use a few more War Factory units

Hey dude, long time no talk. Been here since day one and just wanna say keep up the good work. You are legit the best and I think we appreciate the hard work you put in to this mod.

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А чё всё розовое

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