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Rebranding, and how the mod is shaping up after its hiatus.

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As you might of noticed, Transposed has had a bit of a rebranding! I originally planned on using the Upsilon logo back on day one but swapped it out for Epsilon, but after a redesign I like the Upsilon logo a lot more. It feels more like an inverted Lambda and represents the idea of a timeline split. The colours are also inverted from Half Life's black and orange.

Progress is going well and for the first time the skeleton of the mod has really come together with the level progression laid out. Right now the plan is to have 8 individual "sectors", with 6 main ones and then two final-boss type goals. This mod takes a lot of inspiration from Hazardous Course, INFRA and Myst/Riven and will revolve around solving environmental puzzles, figuring out how industrial machines and lab equipment work in order to reach your goals. Right now there's no plan for combat since it's not really the focus, but we'll see how things shape together. Work on an intro and ending cutscene has also begun and I hope to be able to show the intro pretty soon.

I'm currently working on two MASSIVE, engine sweating areas that I can't wait to show you all. Until then, here's two screenshots of another update to the Hub area and a tease for one of the new areas.




/TheWolf - - 845 comments

Those screenshots look great. BTW are there plans on giving the employees new uniforms, since in this timeline Black Mesa and Aperture swap roles?

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Sirdownloadsalot Author
Sirdownloadsalot - - 21 comments

Thank you! I've been thinking about it! It's on the backburner as an end-of-production idea. I'd love to try making alt. skins for this universe, especially if there ends up being a peak into Aperture. It just depends how tricky that ends up being. Once all the levels are near finished I'll give it a try.

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,531 comments

Interesting idea to have it focused mainly on puzzle-solving, fits the Aperture theme! I do hope we get a BIT of combat, tho, just to spice things up ;)

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dinnerblaster1 - - 679 comments

Very, very promising. The most interesting Goldsrc project I've seen in a long time

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