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Easily the most competitive update ever. E-Sports ready confirmed.

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Greetings. This update has many things in it. Let's get started.

Despite the alluring Tree unit, this update features something far more complex:

  • All Command Vehicles have a new ability called 'Nanomachines'
  • It can be deployed at any location, creating a drone that is very weak
  • This drone can steal any enemy unit, turning it to your side
  • This 'infection' is able to spread by infecting TANKS
  • When an infected TANK shoots, it can infect the unit it hits, turning it to fight for you
  • Other units, such as Humvees, Dragon Tanks, Transports, etc, become mindless suicide units
  • They will drive up to a target and detonate, causing heavy damage
  • It took 5 hours to get this functional. Enjoy <3
  • Some units are IMMUNE to being infected, this incudes:
    Command Vehicles
    Airforce Generals Sonic Humvee
    Sweet Tooth
    Laser Crusader (can be infected, but not spread infection)
    Laser Paladin (can be infected, but not spread infection)

Quality of life updates:

  • All tanks now use sexy tracer models, like Operation Firestorm
  • Stalker is a bro <3

American Factions:

  • Added a Heavy Anti-air base defense
  • It is resistant to most forms of 'anti base defense' weapons
  • Has long range and detects air units
  • Deals the least damage of all Heavy Anti-air, but fires the fastest
  • UAV damage decreased from 200 per missile to 150 per missile

America Airforce General:

  • Stealth planes lose their stealth when taking damage

America Airforce General Skirmish AI:

  • Will sometimes build a Spectre Gunship

Chinese Factions:

  • Added Heavy Anti-air base defense
  • Fires 2 high-powered shells at medium/long range
  • Deals very high damage, but must reload for several seconds
  • Has a minimum range and cannot detect stealth aircraft
  • All Chinese factions gain auto-repairing buildings after Subliminal Messages upgrade
  • Special Weapons General starts with USA auto repair
  • Flame Trooper visuals improved

China Nuke:

  • Devastator suicide button now has unique voices when you press it
  • 'They're coming with me!'

GLA Factions:

  • New turbo mega unit! Airships!
  • Airship has arrived from Operation Firestorm. Give it love
  • Assault Airships are mega slow, mega armored, and mega deadly
  • Each factions Airship has slightly different abilities
  • GLA Vanilla and Stealth get an air unit that guards the Airship from planes
  • Others get 1 or 2 powers to deploy under/at a location
  • Added a Mega Marauder for the GLA Airship. It's mega. It's gross
  • Gotta try em all!
  • Airpads now repair all air units in a radius around themselves
  • Requires Junk Repair
  • All GLA Structures for all factions now auto-repair after Junk Repair upgrade
  • Added Flak Emplacements for all GLA Factions, excluding Salvage
  • Flak Emplacements now fire faster
  • Anti-Air boat range decreased to: 300 anti-ground and 400 anti-air
  • SCUD Position armor fixed; Jarmen cannot snipe it anymore
  • Advanced War Factory units now benefit from Kassad's Vehicle Training GP at rank 5
  • Scimitar Mobility increased
  • Air Tanks/Balloon things now have prerequisites

GLA Salvage:

  • Reworked the Shotgun Maniac entirely
  • Now a dedicated anti-infantry unit
  • Shotgun has very short range, but deals high damage
  • Range and damage can be improved with Phosphorus upgrade
  • Can kill 1 garrisoned enemy unit per shot, if they can get close enough
  • Speed increased
  • Health brought down to balanced levels
  • Cost is now $400, and builds faster
  • Bunker Bus health decreased by a tiny amount

GLA Salvage Skirmish AI:

  • Will now build an assortment of air trash, including biplanes, bombers, and more
  • Will sometimes build a War Truck


  • Added the greatest scout unit: Tree
  • Tree can be planted by all GLA Factions
  • Tree can be crushed and burned like a normal tree
  • AI shouldn't be able to target Tree, because they think it's a normal tree
  • Works reliably in multiplayer
  • Skirmish AI might not be fooled 100% of the time, results may vary
  • Tree can hold up to 3 infantry units who will not attack
  • Tree has good vision
  • Tree is love
  • Tree is life
  • Possibly more trees in the future. Who knows
  • Tree uses unique sounds when a unit enters and exits
  • Someone on the discord wanted to see the codes
  • Tree is called 'Object TotallyNormalTree' for those of you that wanted to check the codes

Thanks for playing <3

Be sure to vote Chaos Mod for Mod of the Year :3

Rectha_101 - - 1 comments

thank god you didn't put S-300/Grumbler from Rise of The Reds. Not that I hate it, but it's painful to see mass air attack denied by high-damaging AOE heavy AA missiles

anyway thank you for continue updating this mod

P.S. I vote Shockwave Chaos for MOTY

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