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The mod is coming along very nicely. Many new units are being modeled and created and being added to the game.

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Hello fans,
As you guys have seen things are being done to the mod just about everyday. Things might appear slow but that is because we are constantly trying also improve on what we already have by doing better skins, fixing bugs and text errors and changing little things here and there.
Luckily we have managed to get Mando to join the team and complete a lot of our models.
Very soon you should be seeing these new units.
-CR20 transport
-ARC troopers Phase 1 and Phase 1.5
-Phase 1 and 2 Commander Fox, Wolf, Ponds, Bly and Rex
-Droid Plex and Heavy Blaster teams
-Z-6 rotary trooper like hevy
and the banking Clan Gun Platform and ground based Quad Laser Cannon are already in game but still need some skin improvements

-We will also be working on making some of the walker units like the Dwarf Spider, Crab and Homing Spider as we can get to them.

I have also acquired some new sounds for both Anakin and Ahsoka thanks to and i will hopefully be finding some new sounds for Dooku.
We will very likely be adding Warb Null's newest model of the Wave crest frigate for the CIS when I get time to add it and the Geonosisian fighter.
Geroenimo of the old republic mod has offered to help us get his new engine particle effects working on our ships which is very very cool of him to do.
z3r0x has also modeled us a better more defined Muunlinist gun to use on our model that will look awesome once we finish the skin for it.

Many many minor heroes will spawn for both CIS and the Republic through out the GC which will allow you to use many of the unique characters that you would like to see in the mod but once they are killed they will be gone. Not immortal heroes like the 11 major heroes will be. On that subject we have also decided to attach each Jedi's commander to the Jedi so once they enter land combat they will always have their commander at their side. The Commander will change to Phase 2 at Tech 5 and in the case of Mace Windu the commander will change. Ponds will not be with him to tech 5 as all the fans of the show know :(
Yoda will possibly get an escort of Coruscant Guard as was common during the war.
As many of you know I regularly respond to question and comments on the mod page and some of you guys have posted some awesome ideas which we have added to the mod or atleast considered. This mod is for you guys and we aim to please.

I also want to remind everyone that this mod is not a one man show. Nett40 laid the foundation for this mod, Mikofski made some awesome changes and the whole team is working each week to make this mod a reality. Delta289, Mando, Shadowdude, Sloosecannon and yes even everyones favorite pain in the ass The_darker_side are around almost everyday discussing or working on the mod. I appreciate and am very thankful for their efforts.
We also owe A LOT of credit to modders like Warb Null, z3r0x, and many others who have provided this community with the models, tools and advice to make these mods a reality.
Thanks for everyones support

We are still in need of a good skinner for the mod and an audio guy so if anyone has experience please let me know.

PS: The Darker Side is one good and handsome fellow. So don't try to piss him off, or he will be your pain in the ass nightmare...

MasterDall - - 76 comments

Niice.. :)

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emperor123 - - 195 comments

Bravo :)

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--Atlas-- - - 610 comments

Good job team

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Chagall - - 282 comments

Nice post!

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Zig92 - - 513 comments

Keep up the good work, we thank you all

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Alpha473 - - 380 comments

Good news ;-)

Congratulations to all modding group for your excellent work.

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Commissar_Delta - - 5,828 comments

hehehe (peter griffin laugh)

darker_side everyone's favorite pain in the *** lol

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The_Darker_Side - - 1,257 comments

hardy har har......

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MandoBardanJusik - - 863 comments

okay ground durge has been a pain, but I am having better luck with the swoop version

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Axxif - - 403 comments

New idea, why don't you guys add in the chameleon droid for the Separatists and the LIN Demolitionmech for the Republic, to give each side the capabilities to deploy Landmines. This would really throw in a curveball to the tactics of both sides, and would make both sides reconsider how to fight. It would make things fun!

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Mynek - - 135 comments

How I can download this?

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