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Summarising recent changes in the project, our website and project management.

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Switching to Trello

This spring our host chose to focus on different things than web hosting and merged with UnoEuro (who more or less runs it all now). While the transition was almost painless... Lets just say that points to our moddb page for more than one reason. Just recently we recovered our project management system The Bug Genie, but due to risk of php updates, TBG updates and general time in maintenance of web services, we have chosen to switch to Trello.

With the change to we invite you to have a direct look at our progress, you can find our board here:

We will still be summarising our progress in future articles, but you will see fewer progress updates in the comments.

Latest changes:

We sort of had a standstill for months where only a few things happened.
Straight after postponing the cerobeam, I resolved the main issue that lead to this state. However, there are other effects that needs to be taken care of and the time it took to resolve the main issue has also led me to believe that it would be better to let it be for now and look at it later.
On a personal level, I also need to respect that my available spare time of 4 hours per days just isn't as much as I had during my time as student, and plan accordingly.

Just recently we had a talk about getting working again, and using trello as a tool to maintain our progress.

Joshua is taking a step back to have a second look on the maps he has been working on and try to focus on maps that is best suited team battles between shinigami and hollow.

Angel had some issues with compiling the models, and is currently planning his tasks and checking if the issues are tool related.

I have begun tweaking the timing of the block and parry. The parry/block is activated much faster and the parry only last 0.1s before it is considered a block. Likewise the melee will also have to be tweaked, and animations and 2d effects will be added to improve the feedback to the player.

We hope that Trello will bring you a better insight in our work and that we will have to do less web maintenance with this solution.

See you around :)

Darth_Cameroth - - 782 comments

Excellent, nice to know where the team is at. Thanks a lot for the update and the heads up. I'll try to remember to keep an eye on Trello, but won't be panicking now when I see less comment updates :)

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