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It's back with more stuff. The only way out is to use the crash button.

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This update is more focused around polishing stuff already in the mod. There are a couple new things to play with as well.

Garbage New Content:

Added unique voices to the following units (using voices from Emperor Battle for Dune):

  • Typhoon Artillery for China Nuke
  • Covert Officers for Chinese factions
  • Virus Tank for Dr. Thrax
  • M198 Artillery for American factions

Gameplay changes include the following:

  • A small nerf to Virus Tank armor
  • Added a new turret loop sound which is used on a bunch of units like the Maus, Object 279, Gerat, Nuke Cannon and more
  • New unit for Dr. Thrax: Chemical Mortar
  • Fires a chemical mortar shell over long distances
  • Shell kills 3 infantry per hit on garrisons
  • Mortar round leaves behind a small chemical cloud which deals damage to any infantry in it
  • Clouds can be stacked with more mortars for a deadly storm of green mist
  • Pros: Shell moves faster than Siege Soldiers, dealing more damage to infantry. The unit is faster and slowly auto-heals (Dune references :v)
  • Cons: Deals less damage to vehicles and buildings. Suffers a big speed penalty when really damaged

Chinese Factions:

  • New unit!
  • Flamethrower infantry!
  • Solve your problems with fire!
  • Unlocked at Rank 1 for 1 Generals Point
  • They are slow, heavily armored, and probably kill things too quickly
  • They are better than Special Weapon General's Pyro infantry, but more destructive to your own forces
  • Think Shenlong fire, but weaker, and in infantry form
  • When killed, the flamethrower equipment might explode, damaging nearby units, friend and foe alike
  • Flamethrower Infantry are trained in harsh conditions. As a result, they do not suffer a speed penalty when really damaged
  • They use voices from House Harkonnen

There's more time between updates now, but that doesn't mean it's dead <3

Thanks for playing

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Nice update

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