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A holiday greeting with the usual review of the year and what to come. 2017 will wrap this up.

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Happy holidays :)

Happy holidays to everyone out there, we wish that you had a great time in December with your families and that those of you who weren't with families still had a good time. We are multicultural and don't interfere with politics, however I see many challenges for the world in 2017 and on behalf of the team I wish that everyone will seek to have a happy life, keep working hard for reaching ones goals and use ones experience to inspire other people.

2017 is knocking on the door

Yet another year went by just like that and everything that went by in our own lives are just one of the reasons why we haven't set a deadline.
We are moving towards the end of the development on BZSmod, 2 ranged attacks and animations for Ichigo's melee attacks are remaining features to be implemented, together with polishing of existing systems.

2016 was a great year in the sense that we were able to make sub-collisionboxes and rotate them with a model, which we also provided a tutorial about.

We decided what we would do with the ranged attacks and are currently implementing the last of grimmjow's ranged attack, something that can be a bit of a challenge at times. Something we expected to be done in Fall, has yet to be completed as I have been working on getting a job - If everything works out, I will be writing C code for an XE167FH chip in January - and while my time will be limited to evenings, I will be able to focus my remaining time on BZSmod.

2017 is the year BZSmod will be done. I know all too well that setting a specific date will be something we would regret so 2017 is a specific I'm going to be. When we have started on the polishing of the implemented features and playtested them, we will be able to be more specific.

Thanks to all our supporters

Both followers and former developers has had a great impact on what BZSmod is today, and we are grateful you took interest and time in us. While we couldn't implement every feature we wanted, we hope that our work at least will bring memories of Bleach to those who play. For many of the developers BZSmod has been a good experience (in the good and bad ways), and some might even have gained a job from that experience.

BZSmod has also been a project that did both good and bad at times on moddb, we have both been on the top 30 mod list and we have been down around 10000. We are happy that we did well and that you have followed our work for almost 10 years, since Anubis.exe started BSS mod in 2007.


Thanks for the happy wishes, i wish you all the same. I have enjoyed following your work, even if i have gotten here a lot more recently then 2007. I love what you team is doing a wish you the best of luck.

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Happy New years.!

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Happy new year!

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