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I said it was done, but is it ever really truly done?

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Welcome to the latest update of Chaos Mod. While the mod is technically completed, I can never resist on adding a few more things.


  • Rebalanced the cost of all Sciences available to all factions.
  • Price ranges are tweaked so multi-level powers are more costly.
  • Maximum science cost remains 5.
  • Demolition General is still the most expensive to acquire all powers.
  • Renamed General Ranks lower than rank 6. Be a Loser General, an Okay General, and even a Great General now.

USA Factions:

  • Added a brand new defensive structure.
  • It's Trump Tower. Yep, this is actually a thing.
  • It costs $50,000 to construct and cannot be sold.
  • It will target ground and air units with great range with even greater scouting range.
  • Trump Tower will hold a number of your finest infantry units and produce tons of money.
  • When destroyed, the CIA will emerge and fight the enemy to the bitter end.
  • Trump Tower has access to various special powers only found on the Tech Secret Lab as well.
  • Added a field hospital as well but who cares about that.

Armor General:

  • Added a sell button to the Battery Emplacement.

GLA Factions:

  • Added a Maus tank.
  • Model and texture by a cool dude in NLS <3
  • Maus is deployable from your Black Market.
  • All Maus recharge timers are shared between all Black Markets and Scrap Yards.
  • It's deployed by a great feature called gravity.
  • Maus will deal high amounts of crush damage on its target location, destroying vehicles and even weak structures.
  • Defend your Panzers with an even bigger Panzer.
  • Maus is armed with a beefy 128mm cannon, and a smaller 75mm cannon.
  • Maus is not a one man army. While it can take a beating and survive, it's low rate of fire makes it vulnerable to swarms of enemies.
  • Uses authentic German voices from Blitzkrieg.

Challenge Mode:

  • Fixed the Stealth Generals challenge. It is playable again. Thanks for telling me about this one.
  • Added a Maus to GLA Challenge maps.
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