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What's that on the horizon? Is it a plane? A train? No! It's a forklift!

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Greetings fellow players. The time has come to complete the Chaos mod. As of this update, the Chaos mod is officially completed.

What does this mean going forward? There will be more updates in the future, but no set time on when, as all the features that were planned, are now part of the mod. If there is an update, it'll always be on a Tuesday.

What to expect from Chaos Mod in the future:

  • Small content additions, new units, etc.
  • Custom Missions in the Addons section eventually. As they're completed.
  • Fixes for any issues that shouldn't be there, like when I forgot to make command trucks buildable in challenge mode... :v

Final update changes/additions:

  • The USA Campaign is done. It's full of forklifts.
  • The Campaign has heavy use of infantry. Because America.
  • USA Campaign takes place after a USA victory in Zero Hour. The power vacuum has allowed the Workers to rise and take the GLA's place.
  • First, stop Bill Gates and his reign of terror.
  • He runs and gets captured by the GLA. Rescue him to get him on our side again.
  • Destroy the Workers.


  • All types of Battlemasters now contain 3 Hopper Tanks.
  • Added the Command Tank to Challenge Mode to build.
  • Added a Kirov weakness to Jet Missile type damage. Raptors, and the King variant should be a usable counter.

China Tank:

  • Replaced War Master HALO Drop with Hopper Tank HALO Drop.
  • It's not as disgustingly overpowered anymore which is nice.
  • Small nerf to Object 279 health.


  • Small nerfs to Leech tank armor. Critical mass shouldn't be as unstoppable anymore.


  • Added some things that will be needed for custom missions later on.
  • Changed the post-skirmish-stats screen music to something far better.

thank you for completing this mod
now i will try to enjoy your mod

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I agree with IvanderLim, thank you that you spend all this time in this awesome mod and just like IvanderLim, I will try to enjoy this mod :)

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Same here, thanks for spending your time on making this amazing mod, I especially like the new results screen music.

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Splinterus Author

Thanks guys <3

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how can i download it ?

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as my thanks here is some playlist for you

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