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More references, more mortars, more everything that doesn't really make sense.

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Spread the love with all this new stuff.

**Added some models from Sleipnirs Public W3D Model thread**

I forgot to write down the names of some of the authors (because hindsight is zero). But all new models in this update are from the public model thread.


  • Removed Crusader Hover Engine upgrade. Tanks fly already.
  • Removed the Vulcan Upgrade for the Supertrain Humvee, since it flies now.
  • Removed the Demo General's HE RPG upgrade. RPG Troopers start with it.
  • Removed the Rebel RPD upgrade. They start with those now.
  • Added a kind of useless upgrade for Stealth General.
  • Added a new science exclusive to Command Buses/Trucks.
  • Switching to the Generals Abilities gives you a new one.
  • Straight outta Twisted Metal.

Most Transport Planes:

  • Planes now have vision range.
  • When destroyed, the plane has this cool burn-up sound while it's on fire.
  • All this work for something that does nothing for gameplay.

Murica Factions:

  • Added new artillery.
  • Made in China.
  • Armed with two heavy cannons.
  • Fires high explosive shells at great ranges.
  • Might be a little buggy with deploying and moving. If it's too annoying, I'll change it entirely.
  • Model by FeDe_
  • Give him love.


  • The campaign works this time. There was an error with the new landmines function.

China Nuke General:

  • Added a new artillery.
  • Typhoon artillery unit. Fast but made of paper.
  • Fires very inaccurate rockets at long ranges.
  • Can be upgraded with autoloaders and fusion reactors.
  • Looks kind of bad until you build five of them and saturate an area with rockets.
  • Gets health and armor upgrades at veterancy 3.
  • Model by Fritz. <3
  • And Just West.

GLA Factions:

  • Hijacker Strikes moved to Command Bus.
  • Added Karl Mortars to all GLA Factions.
  • Flavor of Mortar varies per faction.
  • Fixed an armor error on GLA Vanilla Mortar Site defense.
  • GLA Vanilla Mortar Site builds faster.
  • Reduced armor of Battle Bus Bunker and Command Bus slightly.
  • Improved Rocket Buggy ammo capacity by 2,500%.

GLA Stealth General:

  • Added an upgrade for more advanced stealth generators.
  • The AI is granted this upgrade when they build a Scud Storm.
  • All infantry and vehicles produce shroud with this upgrade.
  • Your palace will occasionally spy on all Infantry on the map, revealing the area around them.
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What about USA Campaign?

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IvanderLim - - 1,187 comments

Improved Rocket Buggy ammo capacity by 2,500%.

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too much is never enough

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