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We're reaching levels of camp that shouldn't even be possible.

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It's September, time for more nonsense.


Misc Fixes:

  • Fixed a couple naming mistakes. Main Battle Tanks have an extra voice now.

All USA Factions:

  • Tiny nerf to the UAV. Really small. Barely noticeable.


  • Found an unused model. (Tech building in ROTR, but the model is in Shockwave too for some reason)
  • Used it.
  • Added a railgun defense turret. It comes with a missile pod as well.
  • Missile Pod automagically attacks ground and air targets.
  • Requires 5 power.
  • Since it's a railgun, it doesn't need direct line of sight to attack.


  • Found another model, same as above.
  • Big huge artillery battery base defense.
  • Requires 7 power but it's extremely strong.
  • Does not detect stealth.
  • Fires two beefy shells at ground targets.

Nuke General:

  • Certain buildings no longer explode when cancelled under construction.
  • Replaced Nuke Carpet Bomber with SSNR Carpet Bomb. Still pretty laggy, but not as bad.


  • Decreased weapon range. Still very powerful.

Main Battle Tanks:

  • Decreased reload from 6.5 to 5.5 seconds.
  • Improved explosion radius on HE Shells.
  • Added more utility to HE Shells.
  • HE Shells can stun vehicle crews now. Larger tanks take more hits before being disabled.
  • It's possible to stun lock a target.

Special Scumbag Artillery General:

  • Flame Mortars can no longer enter structures or transports. There was an issue firing the Ramjet Shells. :(

GLA Factions:

  • Asked St4lk3r for a thing.
  • He said yes <3
  • Thanks man.
  • Replaced Salvage Crate Drop with Sturmtiger Deployment. Yep, it's happening.
  • It's extremely powerful, but merged with ROTR Topol code.
  • Rockets must be purchased individually and take 75 seconds to finish. It's worth it.
  • Has a massive primary and secondary damage radius. Will flatten every structure except superweapons and command centers.
  • The rocket is so large, that impact will stun everything in a large area for 7 seconds.
  • Cannot gain veterancy due to some unexpected issues with Rider Change code.
  • Sturmtiger is driven by a man known only as Ivan.


  • Sturmtiger comes in base defense form. It's the Sam Site model with some magic.
  • The Sturmtiger here can gain veterancy.
  • It does half as much damage with less radius than the para-dropped Sturmtiger, but it's still disgusting.
  • It fires twice as fast though.
  • ALL damage taken is passed to the Sturmtiger, so it will be destroyed before the structure takes damage.
  • Another new base defense: Anti-Tank Gun.
  • Remember the mobile anti tank gun and how bad that was? I added it as base defense now.
  • Requires an Arms Dealer. Does not detect stealth.
  • Better against vehicles than the Hornets Nest, but lacking the firerate of the Hornets Nest.
  • Rebel model changed.
  • Rebels have anti-tank grenades now.
  • They aren't super powerful, but way better than just the rifle.



  • Small updates to attack teams. Nothing major.


  • More planes of different types are sent.
  • More Mega Buggies if conditions are met.


  • Some Science uses "should" be fixed. Worldbuilder allowing.


  • Added Railgun Turrets and Ix Drones. More science uses and a Battleship. Hopefully it works. Worldbuilder is notorious for screwing things up.
  • Attacks should be sent more often as well.


  • Changed the location of the Mega Nuke in the cutscene so it doesn't destroy your dozer.
  • Small changes to attack waves.
  • Kirovs.


  • Small increase to attack wave size.

Super Train General:

  • Found the last team of Omega Aurora Bombers. Subjected them to the timer as well.
  • Rage reduced by as much as 50%.

Tank General:

  • Hope you like tanks.
  • Replaced War Fortress with two Civilian Bunkers and some Flak Cannons.
  • More tanks.
  • Too many Golem Tanks.
  • Added Kirovs in place of Helixes.
  • Why so many Kirovs.
  • Too many Kirovs.
  • Please stop.
  • Fixed the V4 Launcher team to break your base defense and target Superweapons.
IamInnocent - - 266 comments

HOLY ****, where have you been all this time~? <3

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Splinterus Author
Splinterus - - 177 comments

Working sadly. Also moved to a once-a-month update routine, so there isn't much to post in the meantime.

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IamInnocent - - 266 comments

Aww, just do it like your passion. :)

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IvanderLim - - 1,187 comments

Nice one hahahaha
I laugh at GLA faction part
Hope you make Infantry Challenge and other challenge

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Hartzheim Online
Hartzheim - - 14 comments

Here I am again.
I probably did something wrong on my end. I noticed the maps in the generals challenge haven't changed like the description says, however they did with a friend who I got to download this mod.
The only thing we did differently, is that I used finalbig to extract the maps so I could open them in world builder in shockwave. Could this have caused problems?

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mohmarDEATHSTRIKE - - 75 comments

sturmtiger like the one from blitzkreig or the russian ww2 mod?

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Guest - - 692,486 comments

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