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A small set of fixes and balance adjustments, plus some audio and asset variant tweaks.

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We're back with a small update! It's mostly just several gameplay tweaks and bugfixes, as well as some variant adjustments.

Some of the most noticeable changes are the revised SFX for both standard lasers and the recently added Binary Laser Cannon. Additionally, the standard AC20 has had a change in its firing mechanism again, bringing down the number of burst shots to 2 from 3 while upping the damage per burst shot to compensate. It should be easier to use now! You can see all these changes in our "devlog" vid below:

And that's pretty much the gist of this update! The changelog's short enough to attach here, so here's the full list of changes:

----- GAMEPLAY ------
- Reduced shots in burst on AC/20 to 2 from 3; increased damage per shell to compensate.
- Added ServerSpawn flag to LongtomFar and Short ammos
- Reduced offset factor on Cluster Arrow IVs to 20 from 25; increased outer explosion radius to 30 from 25.

- Variant tweaks or changes
Madcat F - CauldronBorn A - Hellhound G - Shiva F - Shiva G - Orion E - Mars D

------ BUG FIXES ------
- Fix for lack of ammo capacity on Daishi C.
- Fix for silent UAC2s on Mars C.
- Fix for missing Shiva F ammo.
- Fix for Shiva G being considered Attacker when it was a Bomber.
- Fix for extra DHS on Fafnir E which shouldnt have existed.

------- AUDIO ---------
- Reworked Standard Laser firing sounds. Volume and oomph increased on Binary laser cannon firing sound.
- Increased volume of engine sounds on IS mechs.

That's all for now! Till next time; stay legendary!

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