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Share your thoughts on our upcoming achievements, feedback requested

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Below is a list of Achievements we're thinking about and their rewards on your Google Play account for each of them.

- Score 2000 points - low xp
- Score 10000 points - medium xp
- Score 20000 points - high xp
- Get 1 Power Up in 1 game - low xp
- Get 2 Power Ups in 1 game - medium xp
- Get 3 Power Ups in 1 game - high xp
- Deactivate all 3 Robots during 1 Power Up mode - medium xp
- Pick Up 5 Health Potions in 1 game - medium xp

- Get Game Over without having picked up any wrong BitCells and a minimum score of 2000 points - high xp

Let us know what you think in a comment or inbox!

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