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New hotfix for the mod has been released, bringing major fixes for Unofficial Patch 2.0.2.

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Unofficial Patch 2.0.2 HOTFIX for The Elder Scrolls

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New fixes for the Unofficial Patch 2.0.2

See the Guide to the Features of the Mod - READ HERE

Features - 2.0.2 HOTFIX

- Signifiant improvement to AI and turn times

- Fixes to Mannimarco and Vampire scripts. Fixed the missing vamp recruitment for Orsinum

- Lowered chance of being infected by Vampirism and Lycantrophy

- Fixed the Army Upkeep Script - The secondary generals no longer receive the upkeep traits (and hence money were removed for them as well) and fixed the issue with the upkeep not working for characters at sea.

- Administrative education can now be improved due to town hall building chain, not Alchemy Academia.

- Rebalanced imperial roster, renamed some units, and made order in their recruitment tree (properly divided the recruitment tree into auxillary cohorts and "home" cohorts that are better trained)

- Fixes stats for some units, such as low tier skeletons, aldmeri, stormlords, ...

- Fixes the issue with Dungeon faction not sallying (no more easy dungeon taking :P )

- Assigned correct models for some agents of evil factions, so that they use daedric acolytes.

- Balanced Alchemy - Potions now give much higher bonuses

- Fix the crash that was happening on other factions' turns due to a typo in logistic traits

- Solved the issue with graphical "cube" bug during sieges

- Correct battle banners given to factions that had incorrect ones (such as Undead)

- Imperial City battle map will no longer be showing up for Evermore and Sharnhelm city

- Fixed the issue with some reward units being silver.

- Fixed the model for Rynandor.

- Argonians are now immune to diseases as well

- Fixed the issue with stables not being availible in wooden castles

- Fixed the issue with KOTN event not working properly when both sides were allied (war is now enforced)

- Added more loyalty traits to Haafingar in Stormcloak Rebellion (so that they all dont rebel)

- Building bonus of some factional buildings now apply only to the faction that is supposed to have it (for eample farms vs hunting hut)

See the main changelog, to see all the huge features already in the mod


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You can also join our official TES discord!

Install instructions

Due to the numerous issues that people had with running the mod with EOP tool, THE Unofficial Patch BY DEFAULT DOESNT INCLUDE EOP FEATURES (the info on EOP is below the install instructions), therefore USE The_Elder_Scrolls.bat or TESTW Launcher.exe to play the mod, definitely NOT TES UP.exe launcher. If you want to play with the full features (EOP features), use the switchers that are part of the hotfix. Intructions on how to switch are there.

However, you can use this hotfix no matter which version are you using currently. Neverthless, your saved game will not be compatible either way.

0. If you have a previous version of this path or the main mod, i.e., 2.0 or 2.0.1., you need to delete it first and start over.

1. Download and install The Elder Scrolls 2.0.2 Standalone. Of course, you need to apply 4GB patch or LAA patch as well, its located in your TES folder.

2. Go into your The_Elder_Scrolls/data and delete the whole "world" folder"! Otherwise your start campaign menu will be all messed up.

3. Download and install TES Unofficial Patch 2.0.2 by extracting it into your mods folder. You will know you are doing it correctly when it asks you to overwrite files, hit yes. This applies for both version, FULL and without EOP.

(4. Download Unofficial Patch 2.0.2. Hotfix, and etract it into your mod The_Elder_Scrolls folder. You will know you are doing it correctly when it asks you to overwrite files, hit yes. -) - NOT NEEDED, the 2.0.2 version has already been reuploaded to include the hotfix! So just go straight to step 5

5. You are ready to play!

To launch via the "The_Elder_Scrolls.bat" or "TESTW Launcher.exe", not "TES UP.exe", unless you sitch to full features version

This version doesnt have these features that are enabled by EOP ("FULL FETURES") - Alchemy Crafting, increased ancillaries limit, Oblivion Gate Travel (in Oblivion Crisis Scenario), 3 new religions (Maormer, Akavir and Eight Divines), increased required build points for sieges, berserk attributes for some units, ...

If you wish to enable them, use the switherd

If you like the mod, please rate and follow us here on moddb

If you are having issues, such as being unable to launch or having frequent crashes, read the download thread to see tips, there are several ones that will help you. You should be definitely able to run the version with no issues, hence if ther are frequent crashes and similar issues, its likely on your end, see the tip below.

(the video doesnt include the switchers, but otherwise the order of doing things is pretty much the same)

Current Team
(2.0 and newer)
Jadli - Team leader. Everything except modelling.
NauticalNate1 - Unit retextures for all new factions and also many old ones. New Banners
Bantu Chieftain - New units and models. Importing units. Mages projectiles fix
Jorven Greshnar - Writting descriptions

Serious Potato - Lot of adviceand help in optimizing the mod for 2.0.2 release to reduce turn times

Former Team (or helping out time from time)
PeaMan - Dragon retexture, animations, mapping.
makanyane - help with adjusting dungeon models
K'Sharra The Conqueror - Most of the new traits and ancillaries, map weaking, new units, and several other things.
rafmc1989 - New models, textures, animations, units, sounds and literally few GBs of other things
Tasunke - mages balance, voice overhaul
Gigantus - New installer and various bugfixing for 1.41. Helping me with modding issues almost daily
Lifthrasir - New menu and mod logos
CommodusIV - Polishing texts, removing all vannilla references.
ArBo - Map editing
Dragon. - Help with transferring 1.31 contents into 1.41. Providing a constructive critic.
Socrates1984 - Some custom portraits and other various graphical additions
Dawnbreaker - Writting descriptions (for older version) and lore advisor
Asbjorn Ironside - Testing
kmart - unit models

The Original TES developer team
Bethesda Games
Zenimax Online Studio
The Elder Scrolls Wiki
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages

Divide And Conquer - Base for redguard settlement models (retextured)
Europa Barbarorum II - Base for redguard, elven, men and argonian ports (retextured)
Third Age Unofficial Patch - Custom battlefields for dungeons by leo.civil.uefs
BOTET - Dragon model. To Serious Potato for his Garrison Script and help!
Fire and Blood - A few strat models and dragon retexture
okiir - Most new banner designs
Carnage752 - Some files in previous versions
Hegemony Submod - A few banners ideas

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