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"Unknown Range" is coming! This summer we will release pre-alpha v1.0!

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Coming soon!

This August we release our first game for Desktop devices! Unknown Range is a 3D survival game where you need to fight against zombie and multiplayer mode will be available! But what will you see in pre-alpha v.1.0?

There will be an inventory system with some different weapons and other items. You will be able to level-up your character and gain new skills. Weapons and armors also will be upgradable!

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What Unknown Range is in a few words.

If you want to try your abilities in the zombie world and want to check your survival skills you should experience it in real life. However, it is not possible and this is why there is Unknown Range. In this game, you can fight alone or with friends, you can change modes and zombie behaviors to make it how you want.

Even more information

Near future, the world is almost not survivable. A lot of areas are completely destroyed, others are barely alive. The human race is destroyed, cities are destroyed, landmarks are gone, civilization is gone. However mankind is strong enough to try to survive those dangerous times, but they are fighting with each other, everyone is thinking about itself. People are killing just for some rubbish. In this mad world, you live. Will you survive among the brainless creatures? Will you rescue the humanity? Will you create a better world?

In the game, you can choose 3 modes, HouseDefence, Sandbox, StoryMode.

HouseDefence (UnderDevelopment, 40%) - Simple mode for Single and Multiplayer where you are trying to survive the unsurvivable. Buy weapons, upgrade them, prepare your defenses and try to not be killed as long as you can because, in this brave new world, everyone dies. Choose your defense area, set up the behavior of the enemies, adjust the difficulty, collect the XP, level up, gain new skills and buy some stuff. This mode has some minor story elements.

Sandbox/Free (FutureDevelopment, 0%) - Advanced mode for Single and Multiplayer where you can explore a big world of destruction and a big danger. This is hard as this mad world, you need to take care of your body, drink, eat, sleep, look for the shelter and other friendly people. Beware, you will find a lot of cruel creatures… and people. Kill and take or trade peacefully, the choice is yours. Find some weapons and modify them (every weapon can be customized), craft or look for the armors, level up your character, drive by car or fly like a bird, it is the full sandbox, the world can be customized by you.

StoryMode (FutureDevelopment, 0%) - The full experience awaits here, story mode offers the ultimate adventure, you start the game during the beginning of the end of the known world. It depends only on you if and how the mankind will survive. This mode is only for the one player.

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