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Underhell has recently been Greenlit on Steam, thanks to everyone who voted. Updates on the weapon modeling of the game + a new ModDB design, and a Fan-Made trailer of Underhell Chapter 1.

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Hello there!

Underhell Chapter 1



*Make sure to completely uninstall Prologue before installing Chapter One, do not install on top!*

The game ONLY requires Source Sdk Base 2007 installed, no other source games are required.
(to avoid possible bugs/crashes)

Underhell has finally been Greenlit on Steam !

Underhell Greenlight

This is amazing news for the game and the team! This means that the 2013 version of Underhell will be released on Steam, when it's ready to go up there.
This means a lot of extra work for us, as we will have to create, replace and improve the assets of the game to make sure they are up to standards.

Speaking of which, as some of you might have noticed, Alex Voysey has been re-creating the weapons for the game, and we have been keeping you up to date with screenshots, here is the progress on the weapons so far:

As you can see, progress is smooth and steady in the weapons department, on the Programming side, progress is also steady as Charly Sotelo is working on porting the game to the Source Engine 2013, which will not only fix many issues with the engine, but also provide us with new features, such as moving leaves on trees, which should really improve The House visually.

Source Engine 2013 also adds Mac. and Linux Support, as well as Occulus Rift support.

Thanks to the Bug Reports and Technical Support thread we are still currently fixing many bugs or glitches with the game, in the hopes to deliver a bug-free game when it comes to Steam.
No release date yet, we are in the thick of it.

In other news, Pedro Calvo is working on Artworks for the game, more precisely a new ModDB page design, which will hopefully make this page look a lot prettier.
Here is a Work In Progress of what he is currently making:

If only the House looked that good ingame, maybe some day.

On a side note, Youtube user Colo118 has created a Fan Made trailer for Underhell Chapter 1.
It's the first Fan Made trailer created for the game, and it has some nice shots.

Also, the Underhell Chapter 1 Bonus Album can now be purchased!
It includes the Credits Song, the Hermit Song, all the trailer musics, as well as a few extras.

  1. Underneath this Hell (bonus) 05:35
  2. She Piano 1 (bonus) 00:50
  3. Waiting Trailer (bonus) 02:56
  4. She Piano 2 (bonus) 00:56
  5. Hermit Song (bonus) 01:42
  6. Trailer 1 03:00
  7. She Piano 3 01:34
  8. S.W.A.T. Tutorial 02:43
  9. She Piano 4 (bonus) 01:28
  10. Chapter 1 Teaser (bonus) 01:20

And finally, an update on the Russian and German translation patches. Beez-one and Beserkr have made a lot of progress, and it seems they are both under way, so hold on tight and we will soon be receiving a lot of players from the German and Russian communities! See you soon for future updates!
beccthewreck - - 353 comments


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tehstrelok - - 125 comments

dat artwork

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Dune_Jumper - - 1,585 comments

Swaying leaves on trees?! The House's atmosphere just got 100x better.

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Hell_Diguner - - 3,645 comments

Congratulations on the Greenlight!

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OJJ0874 - - 314 comments

That house artwork looks amazing, I certainly like the idea that the house isn't protected by a fence and is exposed to the unknown in the forest, it certainly feels more creepy.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
TheUnbeholden - - 3,594 comments

its creepy either way.. with the house naked.. its overkill in creepiness.

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WeeGee9000 - - 1,636 comments


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Rakym - - 159 comments

Please convert this also to Mac and Linux.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Guest - - 687,512 comments

No, Mac ƒags don't deserve this game.
Linux users should get it though.

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TheManFromPlanetX791 - - 2 comments

Lol of course it's a guest doing it. Poor little boy didn't want them to see his main account and find it traced back to his mom's basement. Poor guy.

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GrAV1t - - 100 comments

Congratulations indeed for being greenlit! This is one of those mods that really deserves that. :)

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Zombiestubble - - 356 comments

You could make the mod look ALMOST that good... just need a 2048x2048 custom skybox and ENB+SweetFX

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d10sfan - - 494 comments

Congrats on greenlight! Hoping there'll be a Linux version on Steam as well

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
KaiMan32 - - 470 comments

Congrats, guys. :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Goolog - - 42 comments

congratualations team. you deserved it

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tdDaz - - 25 comments

Great news, congratulations on the greenlight!

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LeeoryHarold - - 18 comments

I hope best for the mod and I cant wait for Chapter 2.
But still when the last chapter will be released in Underhell, I'll still play the best one.

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Rus[T] - - 1,161 comments

Finally, tought it would never happen. So there is still hope for the people who vote on greenlight.. :p. Hopefully many chapters will follow.

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Curse666 - - 4 comments

EVEN IF YOU HAVE SDK BASE 2007, DO VERIFY THE CACHE BEFORE LAUNCHING THE GAME. Обьясните что это значит? Что нужно делать? У меня при открытии документов,комьютера,телефона в игре - белый экран,помогите ,кто знает в чём проблема.

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Mxthe Author
Mxthe - - 738 comments

Go in the Tools tab of your steam library, right click on Source SDK Base 2007, go in the "Local Files" tab, and click on "Verify Cache"

This will make sure you have all the necessary files to play the game.

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Curse666 - - 4 comments

Очень,очень ждём перевод на русский язык ( титры ) .Когда будет?В этом году будет?)))Игру установили- хочется поиграть,но ведь без титров - это не то.

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Mxthe Author
Mxthe - - 738 comments


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Curse666 - - 4 comments

Many thanks!!!!! Sleep is for the weak,began to play!!!!

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G-H-O-S-T - - 117 comments

Nice job getting Greenlit!

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Defcon6 - - 258 comments

I was just thinking about how good it would be for the mod if it got a small map-making community behind it. I mean think of it: The facility is supposed to be really big, having completely design depending on what kind of people they're housing inside the rooms. How'bout a biology part considering the swaying leaves part. I mean there could've been bunch of different mutations of zombies considering an attempt to cure the infected. Maybe even just for cinematic purposes rather than creating enemies? I mean considering the story's details on the facility itself; only the creating mind is the limit. (Without spoiling for the people that hasn't finished it)

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airuike - - 25 comments

Are you planning to update to the 2013 SDK?

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KrypTo - - 60 comments

RIP Underhell on steam :(

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