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To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the release of Chapter 1, I'll be streaming the entire game.

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Hey everyone,

Time flies, a lot changes in a decade.

I haven't re-played Underhell since 2015, I've been meaning to replay it and I've been meaning to post an article on here in a long time. With the 10 year anniversary approaching I thought: why not do both?

I will be playing through and streaming Prologue and Chapter 1 on September 1, 2023, I intend to casually answer some questions during the stream as long as I have a decent answer.

If anyone from the development team who wants to drop by and say hi, let me know and I'll get you in a call during the stream.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone who has been a fan of the game and who has played it. I may not have played the game myself in a while but I have watched countless playthroughs and it's made me very happy to watch people play the game.

See you in the Northern Fall.

UPDATE: Stream will start at 3 PM PST; 4 PM MST; 5 PM EST

Chapter1 House

Nabradius - - 9 comments

I guess this pretty much confirms that Underhell as is, can be considered a "finished" product, and episode 2 will probably never see the light of day. whatever, i'm really thankful for what we DID get, so much so that i e-mailed New World about maybe turning this into a retail game, way back, like 5-6 years ago. They not only answered, but were really damn polite.
Still, it's great to hear from you after all these years.

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NiiRubra - - 477 comments

Oh, could you provide a link to your channel?

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Mxthe Author
Mxthe - - 738 comments

I was hesitant to post a link to my twich on a news item, as I didn't want it to seem like I'm advertising my twich.

I'm not a streamer, this is more of a one off event.

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kalidrone - - 1,457 comments

I really do hope development for Underhell continues soon enough, we've all been waiting patiently after all... ><

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SweetRamona - - 5,159 comments

Really glad to see you back after all these years!

Now granted, this probably doesn't mean Underhell is back and Chapter 2 is being worked on, but it's still great to see that you care about this fantastic mod you've made! 馃樃

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,559 comments

I still recall getting hyped for the media release before the Prologue dropped in 2010 after you resumed development after a 3 year hiatus! Time flies too fast man D:

Great to see you back, tho! I doubt you will pick up development of chapter 2 anytime soon, if at all, but going down memory lane with a stream will suffice for me! Hope to actually catch it!

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E4RL - - 1 comments

I'm glad this game isn't forgotten. Thanks for posting

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Serathis - - 468 comments

You do realise everyone is going to ask about chapter 2, right?

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MrSaturdayKnight - - 349 comments

Has it really been almost 10 years? Man, i remember when just the prologue was out. Then chp 1 came out and felt like a full AAA game. Underhell is still one of the best HL2 SP mods of all time at least imo. Looking forward to your stream sep 1st.

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ubil位mbd位 - - 410 comments

I hope you share some information about the sequel as well!

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Seaal - - 66 comments

It feels really nice to see an update from you after so long, even if there's no info on the future of Underhell. Thanks for taking the time to send a message and plan an event for all of us :)

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L-ZJo-Z - - 10 comments

You already know what people are going to ask and you'll be asked more than once, probably. Just want to say that until I get a straight yes or no answer, I'm still waiting. Waiting for him. Waiting for Her.

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GlitchKing - - 48 comments

Been here since the prologue got announced, never once have I given up. I know when it's done it'll be a masterpiece

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Serathis - - 468 comments

Bruh, their website is no longer functioning.

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Phantron - - 149 comments

in my humble opinion, Underhell is the best mod for HL2/Source after Black Mesa and one of the most unique, and definitely fleshed out ones !

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KrypTo - - 60 comments

Can't wait for the stream:) After all those years of waiting I can't believe that you actually wrote this article. Welcome Back!

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Garrytale - - 31 comments

My god, im so happy! i will be there on time.
Underhell is one of the best Source mods (on the same level as black mesa) and im so happy your giving just a tiny bit of attention to it (even if its not chapter 2 lol)
anyway, even if the stream is in september, i will wait
even if waiting is hard, i will await this stream with great impatience

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Zlandael - - 292 comments

Miss this mod a lot. Lots of Sourcemods have become very nostalgic for me, and this one joins the list. The hub was so scary.

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ViolentValentine - - 380 comments

Man, it's been a long time. Hopefully I survive to see this live

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andrewmaster0 - - 47 comments

I just want to know if it's possible that this will get worked on again someday. Still my favorite game of all time. Cheers

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MCStoneZ - - 3 comments

I'm so ready. Your game is ******* amazing chief!

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hlestkin23 - - 1 comments

To be honest, as a person who hasn't seen news about this game for a long time, I'm really surprised that there will be a stream, even if we don't see the continuation of the adventure, maybe there will be insiders during the stream? The idea is banally interesting, what would have happened next if we had seen the old characters, Junior, maybe Matthew, who could have survived the explosion and was it our hero's schizophrenia or did we really survive a nuclear explosion, where is the fiction, and where is the truth in this story? I hope we can find out the answers on the stream, it's nice to see you MxThe. Thank you for the amazing adventure in Underhell, I want to come to the stream and watch with your comments, it's very interesting.

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AmazingTe4m - - 2 comments

Of course I don't think we should expect anything about chapter two. but I'm glad that you remember your loyal fans)))

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Shadow_864 - - 427 comments

10 years have already passed
And now the prologue is already 12 years old
So the first chapter will be 10 years old this year

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RTheM - - 81 comments

You're alive! Thank god.

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luiscarlosgm - - 241 comments

Didn't played it but recently heard some of the playthroughs and Oh dear you're back! for shure I didn't knew this mod existed as recently but hopefully if a secuel (sorry, my mistake) comes out I'll be more than appreciated.

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will183 - - 8 comments

It's nice to hear from you Mxthe.

I hope to see Underhell continue life in some form, but I know it probably won't happen :(
Either way, I think it's the best source mod and a great relic from it's era with amazing examples of survival horror and a solid story for a Source mod.

Either way, I'm glad to hear from the lead dev after so many years.

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ivraqu - - 2 comments

can you fix can't load lump 8 problem

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White-Night - - 1 comments

Word can't express how i was surprise when i saw this post.
This is the best mod i have ever play about hl2 so far, without any doubt. It's map design is so great that I feel i was right in an secret facility in reality. And it's BGM is definitely a masterpiece. I still listen to it even nowaday.
Anyway, great to see you are back.

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

Shame we'll never see Underhell finished. It was masterclass.

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Fritzthemaster - - 27 comments

Today is the day!

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GlitchKing - - 48 comments

I only got to see parts of the stream was anything about chapter 2 mentioned?

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KrypTo - - 60 comments

The script for Chapter 2 is written and Underhell is still in hiatus.

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BoomDonuts999 - - 4 comments

That stream was really fun and I'm glad I was able to be there. It's too bad I feel asleep at the 7 hour mark though, but I'm glad I was there regardless! I hope you end up uploading the stream on your Youtube channel because I didn't get to see some of it.

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KrypTo - - 60 comments

Guys, if you want to join our unnoficial Underhell discord servere, where fans and some of the people who worked on Underhell are, here is the link: Curently we are 404 members.

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KrypTo - - 60 comments

Here is Mxthe full livestream from Twich: Thank You LinkinPunk.

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Seaal - - 66 comments

Nice. Thank you :)

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Chistobal - - 1 comments

This is still my all time favorite Source mod after all these years. Thank you for making it and for the stream. I still hold out hope it will one day be adapted into a standalone game, now that you are a big shot game dev!

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bljatslapaman362 - - 2 comments

Hey, Amazing Mod, But since Well it seems you are not gonna finish it, Did you think about making its source code, assets both finished and unfinished (WiP 2nd chapter and so on), plans you had for how to finish Underhell and so on public (if you still have it) so maybe someone or some team finishes it, as this mod is just worthy of an ending.

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Guest - - 699,765 comments

Will Underhell ever see a release on Steam?

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