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Work, Work, Work...This sickness is taking it's toll.

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This sucks. Been dealing with this Influenza A shiz for to many weeks (This is week 7 so far that it has been in my system... between battling this and that upper respiratory infection...), top it off my actual job is being very demanding about having me push up to 50 hours these last few weeks thanks to the holidays which will normal out now thankfully... anyways onto game updates...

@The tank character was found out to be to OP for the demo…(mofo could take alot of hits or didnt get hit at all…)
@Spells/Skills were to "mana" costly to be useful, lowered the cast cost.
@Dialog tweaks and fixes(wondering characters outside boundaries)
@Phantom sprite that followed player(maybe the spirit of that object I deleted)

-Projected planning-
@Branching Choices for "possibilities".
@Side Quests?
@Primary Questline

This is just what I have up on my project board at the moment, along with random ideas that probably will not happen…

I clocked out my time on average with what I got so far and lets just say unless people actually get lost or forget what they are doing, my projected demo will only be about 5 minutes of actual game play not counting dialog and beginning intro scene. I'm sorry for those speed runner types, but I prefer to actually have alittle longer of a game. So, I'm re-tweaking a few things with the beginning game that leads up to the end of the first part of the chapter.

I'm not exactly sure what I want to do just yet since I'm not even letting my own girlfriend take a look at the progress of the game, she only gets to see bits and pieces and yet this is based off her book. Anyway, I'll keep the people who may be interested in the game up to date from time to time... Hopefully I get this demo out by the end of January, maybe sooner.

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