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Hey everyone! After a long period of radio silence, here we are to show you some progress we made on the 2.0 version of the mod.

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-Polish campaign
At this time, two of the 4 planned map for this campaign are basically complete: Westerplatte and Mlawa (Djole22lt and Expertiz)

The former is a short, introductory mission, short and sweet to dip your toes into this new faction.



The latter is an all-out trench defense, in which the player will have to repel multiple attack from the german forces



-Omaha Beach (Expertiz)
After multiple modifications and change of developers, now Omaha is in very good hands. The map is far for complete, but the level design is better than ever and some promising scripted events are already there!

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-Rebalancing of existing custom levels (Pcj27)
We hear you: some of the custom map in this mod are very unbalanced and unfair....but thanks to a new, community developed tool developed by Kartjom and Cohnred (the guys behind the Medal of Duty mod), we are now able to put more medikits and to limit those frustrating infinite enemy respawns. This new tool allows us to quickly and easily modify the objects on any existing map. Many things are possible with it, such as adding additional enemies and AI paths!
Have I mentioned that this tool is FREE and publicly available?

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That's it for this update. Happy holidays from the United Fronts Mod Group!

Ray_ - - 2 comments

Great to hear from this project again, you guys are doing magnificent work! Keep it up!

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WolfETPlayer - - 813 comments

Can u please add a switch to the main menu to make custom levels optional?

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pcj27 - - 97 comments

We've added a toggle for campaign order that you can switch to vanilla. By doing that, the custom missions will come after the CoD1 and UO campaigns. But the goal is to make the custom missions not annoying and playable on Hardened difficulty at least.

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WolfETPlayer - - 813 comments

I mean I like, no i LOVE your mod, but those custom levels can be annoying.

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zhuangxinxu - - 26 comments

me too

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El_Weppes - - 36 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Olku_ - - 2,077 comments

Very nice!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
SPi-99 - - 789 comments

Hey! Good stuff! Keep it up!

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zzysnyy - - 1 comments

加油 来自chinea的赞助

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PaladinKnight - - 218 comments

Gonna admit some of the custom missions from the mod where better than the ones from Infinity wars, it felt like an almost real warzone.

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comradell - - 5 comments

That's great. I've played this mod twice and I'm not tired of it. I hope the new content can come out soon

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NKVD2023 - - 2 comments

Hello, the author. Is there any update to the MOD of Call of Duty: United Fronts recently? If updated, will the task of CALL OF DUTY: FINEST HOUR be added? For example, landing at Stalingrad Dock and seizing the highlands as well as the new mission of attacking the Red Square? I prefer the Stalingrad mission of CALL OF DUTY: FINEST HOUR, but I don't know whether it will be launched later.

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m0thbanquet - - 56 comments

Amazing work, guys. Can't wait to dive into those Poland missions when they're done!

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Guest - - 696,133 comments

I'am from poland, but im say we need the UF 2.0 NOW! i'm gonna plaing my country mission, shoting new flaggun on airfield, and.... looking on new and beatiful helmet's in soviet union campaign.

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