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Here is the patch for the UAN Beta Patch. Check the changelog for all the details :) Enjoy!

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It may have taken a little longer than we intended, but we are excited to present you with the first patch for the UAN beta we released a couple of months ago. This patch fixes numerous errors we knew about upon release, several bug and balance issues that were pointed out to us by you and also adds quite a bit of new content. We have completed the general power tree and added/polished lots of previously unavailable content; two bits of such content are shown below:

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The RAD Outpost is the tactical defence unlocked by purchasing the nuclear weapons tactic. The RAD Outpost is an incredibly tough bunker with 6 fireports and is armed with a toxic mortar by default. As an upgrade, it can swap this mortar for a missile which demoralizes enemy units upon detonation, reducing their ability to fight.

The Repair Tower model is a replacement for the speaker tower placeholder we released for use with the Army Repair general power. As you advance through the general power tree, the model becomes more advanced. The first level of this power is basic, with just the central structure spawning. The second level comes equipped with the smaller of the two repair arms, and with the third level being having been unlocked it is then created as a complete structure.

An unfortunate personal note from myself:

Because of my current university commitments, I am taking a long break from modding until I finish my first year. I will still be around to answer questions and help out a bit but I don't have the time to give this modification the full attention it deserves. I will leave the modification in the more than capable hands of my team who have done a great job up to this point. After my first year, I should have enough time to work on the project full time again. I hope you all enjoy the patch. Mike signing out.

We hope you all enjoy the changes we have made and continue to support us through future releases.

European Conflict Team signing out.

Lt.SnoWolf - - 1,035 comments

Its looking very nice so far! Love the demoralizeing missle.

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Prokhor_Zakharov - - 355 comments

Yes, I like. Btw, good luck in college! :`(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
pandemic--hour - - 1,533 comments

awesome ! :D
(good luck with university *thumbs up*)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Chronohawk - - 283 comments

The engine doesn't do your renders justice.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Bird_of_Prey - - 1,616 comments

Looks good. Best of luck with school.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Railgunner2160 - - 603 comments

I'll give it a try, but according to your readme the UAN doesn't have any finished models/skins, yet I see that the iron guard model render in your mods gallery, So my question is, Are you waiting until the rest are done, or is there a problem with the model/skin you showed us???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
|TheDR| - - 73 comments

The problem is we have no infantry boner. Know anyone that might be able to help? :P

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Railgunner2160 - - 603 comments

sry, not a modder myself, just tend to play them alot, And that answered my question, Thank you!

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Guest - - 693,351 comments

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