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These are the links for the latest mod releases. I'll keep it to links for now. 1.62 will be uploaded.

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Here is a link of the Ultimate Apocalypse mod version 1.61:

Link to the patch (required for 1.61!!!):

Link to XP1 1.61 (requires the Actual 1.61):

I'll upload 1.62 as a download when it comes out!



For all those of you which don't have the english language version of the game it may occur that you get "$432878 No Range" or similar errors within Unit Names and/or Upgrades. This is a very common issue and easy to fix.

In order to do this you go into the Apocalypse mod folder into the "locale" folder there you go into the "english" folder and copy ALL entries there (To go for sure as it won't override the vanilla text's). Then you go back and paste these files into the folder according your language version.

There's no folder with the anme of your language? No problem! In this case simply create a new folder and name it after your language and paste the files into that one and it should work also.

I hope that was helpful as i struggled with that long time ago in other Mods which was annoying :S


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