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It's been quite a while but after some time it is finally time to announce that there will be a new demo release coming soon this year!

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Hello, in this update I will be talking about a new demo that will be released soon, along some new screenshots of the maps in the demo, some model and animation work and a new trailer!

Early access demo:

That's right, a new demo with more maps and features is going to be released. It spans across the first two trials. This demo is probably going to be the last demo uploaded before the final release of the mod. I'm a lot happier with this one than the previous two which are now obsolete. The demo is almost complete and is currently in its playtesting stage.

Here is a trailer for the demo:


Here are a few maps from the recreated first trial and from the second trial.

tr1 1

tr2 2

tr3 1






There isn't a lot to show with models, but there is a new model that replaces the Gonarch made by the amazing BrussTrigger:


The zombie model has been fully animated and ready! Here is a small run cycle and a death animation showcasing it:

ezgif 1 8e19e96da3

ezgif 1 0c4d8d017a

There is a lot more that can be show, but I will keep it a secret for now until the demo is released. Don't want to spoil too much. I wish I can release the demo sooner, but right now there are a couple personal things I have to take care of, and October is going to be a busy month for me, either way it conveniently falls right on the second anniversary of the mod, so there is that too. After the demo finally releases i will probably go on a small hiatus for some time to catch up on other things. I hope everything that I have learnt so far reflects on the mod, the mod is almost two years old at this point and for that small time span I don't know if I ever grew faster. It has been a learning experience for sure.

Thank you for reading this kind of rushed article!

Daburubareru - - 738 comments

Welcome back, it's nice seeing the mod coming back I'm looking forward it!

-Rayan "Dabu"

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neophus - - 584 comments

I like the animations and the new models created. But in some parts the level design should be reworked a bit to have something better, customs textures and better architecture would give a better quality in general.

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Aynekko - - 673 comments

Looking awesome, take your time :)

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cambreaKer - - 1,006 comments

great stuff! i really like the look of those city maps, especially that rooftop :D

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Mr.Maris - - 308 comments

I'm glad that you will release a new demo version of the mod, it will be interesting to compare the updated maps with the old ones.

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