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Hello everyone!There are a couple of things that i would like to show you in terms of progress of the mod.

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A month has passed and i didn't update anything, so here it is. The first progress update of the mod.

Here, i will be showing you new maps, models and a new splash screen for the menu, so let's start already.


These maps aren't finished yet, but are playable and further ahead of development.




trial20001 1

trial20000 1


The player model has been finished.There are still things that i would like to change, but this is the closest version of what i had in mind with it right now and i don't think i will be changing anything major anytime soon. I haven't come up with a name for the character, tho.


And here is a random WIP police model for one of the levels.

Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4

Let's pretend it's not barney.

Splash screen:

The new splash screen is drawn by me.It's 1024x768, so it's ,like, HD and stuff. This might not be the final version; there are little mistakes here and there, so there will probably be changes in the future.

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That's it for now, there wasn't really a lot of content in here for an update but this is all that i could scramble.

Thank you for reading this thing.


Looks interesting! :3

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The player model looks better, great work

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Love the mapping,Great job doing the models,what program u use for modeling?

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Sandii Author

Thank you!I model in blender.

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Loving this so far

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