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New branding materials, discord link, and tagline.

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Last month was a tough one with the delay of Mythlink's full release, but that doesn't mean the efforts have stopped! As mentioned in the last update, this month was focused primarily on the branding and visual appeal of the game through various storefronts.

Let's start with the big one, Steam. What's new on Steam? Take a look for yourself!


New main header logo! The boring font on black has been replaced with an action scene to help show what the game is more about. What better way to show that than with a battle and featurette of the 3 Mythlinks? Minorod charging towards Galest who just fired off some attack helps show the action-packed battle part of Mythlink. There's also the glove there to help show it's VR capabilities. Of course, we can't forget Urusagi, who sits to the right of the logo in an arms-up pose, as if to say "Hey, we're excited to see you!"

In addition to that, I wanted to add a funky new tagline. I came up with "Train. Battle. Become the Best." and it just kind of stuck. I really like how it conveys what you do in the game and is both simple yet aspirational.

Besides that, there have been new updates to the text and images within the description. Some of the changes are more subtle than others, but it's definitely changed! A few examples are here, but check out the Steam page for all of the new goodness.




Out With the Old




In With the New

Lastly, the Discord channel is now heavily promoted at the top of the page. Come join us!

Discord Link


In addition to Steam, I've added other storefronts and game pages where Mythlink information can be found. Some of these aren't completely new, but I'll add them here for completion's sake.

Steam Page

Itch IO

Game Jolt

the GDWC

All of which have similar information and just help spread the word on Mythlink.

The game trailer has also been updated. The old "October" date has been replaced with "Coming Soon" text. I don't have an exact date yet but am narrowing in on when the release will be. I sure hope I have an answer soon.

Lastly, from a technical perspective, I am sneaking in another change before release. I've noticed when people play there is some confusion on how to equip abilities before battle. Therefore, a quick tutorial on how to accomplish that is currently being worked on as part of the initial game tutorial that takes place after you have selected your first Mythlink. This update is available now.

That's all for this month, see you for the last dev update of the year at the end of December!

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