Mythlink is a VR-only monster battling game. Players can level up and battle with their Mythlink in hopes to form the best Mythlink Unity ever!


So just what is a Mythlink? A Mythlink is a type of monster that players will select when the game begins. Once players have selected a Mythlink, a special bond begins to form between the player and their new friend. This link between player and Mythlink is called a "Mythlink Unity" and is so powerful that as one of you improves, so does the other. Because of this, players themselves will take part in various strength, dexterity, and brain training exercises to improve both themselves and their Mythlink. Who will you choose?

Minorod: The rough and tough minotaur Mythlink who uses a mix of lightning and earth based abilities.

Galest: The goofy ghostly Mythlink, utilizes tricky wind and dark based abilities

Urusagi: The cute and cuddly rabbit Mythlink. Brings life to the party with sound and light abilities.

Leveling Up

Mythlinks have 3 stats which can be improved through playing the game. These stats are strength, brain, and speed. Picking the best way to improve your Mythlink stats is key to victory!

  • Strength: Helps your Mythlink deal more damage. Strength training includes games which involve punching and using force. Start sweating with training exercises like...
    • Punching Bag: A no-holds-barred fanatic frenzy of you versus the bag! Pack as much of a wallop as you can in a short amount of time. Hit targets for bonus points and experience!
    • Engine Buster: Some of the machines used to power the Mythlink training facility have started acting up! The best way to fix them? Punch them until they work least until they stop spewing smoke.
    • Punch Junction: The most diabolical game in the strength category, punch junction will test your focus, speed, and strength. Stay on your toes as you dodge machine attacks while attacking their weakpoints!
  • Brain: Helps your Mythlink learn more advanced moves. Test your quick thinking with...
    • Pile Up: A VR twist on a classic block clearing game. Can you keep up? Don't let any pieces fall out of the box!
  • Speed: Helps your Mythlink move and react quicker. Speed training includes games which involve moving quickly.
    • Baller Dodge: There's no fighting back in this 1-sided game of dodge ball! Last as long as you can as an onslaught of objects are thrown your way!
    • Color Blitz: The strangest game of tag you'll ever play! Don't let any of the sporadically moving shapes slip by you.


Once a Mythlink Unity is confident in their skills, they can enter the arena and battle against other Mythlink Unities! Both players will be placed high on opposite ends of the arena where they can view all of the action. From that vantage point, players will control their Mythlink and utilize abilities in order to knock out the opposing Mythlink. These 1 on 1 battles will showcase the fruits of all efforts put into training. Last Mythlink standing wins!

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Indie of the Year Awards
Best Upcoming


Welcome to the Players Choice: Best Upcoming Indies of 2022. The following games have been voted on by IndieDB's community from the Top 100 upcoming nominees, and represent the games those voters are most excited for in the next year and beyond.



From: Home Point Games

Mythlink is a VR-only monster battling game. Players can level up and battle with their Mythlink in hopes to form the best Mythlink Unity ever! A Mythlink is a type of monster that players will select when the game begins. Once players have selected a Mythlink, a special bond begins to form between the player and their new friend. This bond is key to success and players will be able to explore ways to deepen this tie to eke out victory in a series of competitive modes!

GODSWORN is a fantasy real time strategy game set during the Northern Crusades. Take control of a divine hero, gather worshippers, rally great armies of mortals and mythical creatures, and crush your enemies to prove you are worthy! The wild pagan lands have been under the watchful eye of the gods for as long as time. The arrival of a knight order bearing the banner of heaven threatens to upset the uneasy alliance. Will the realm burn, or will blood of both divine and mortal be spilled to protect it?


Deep Space Noir

From: pomstachepro

Deep Space Noir is an atmospheric 3D tech-noir/cyberpunk space adventure game, spanning over four episodes. It was inspired by the adventures, quests and movies of the 80's and 90's and fans of science fiction and film noir will be pleasantly delighted by the ambitious take on these classic genres. The style is retro-futuristic and leans heavily towards second half of 20th century nostalgia, combined with moderately wild science fiction.

Ale Abbey is a tycoon game with a zen twist. Designed by brewers and developed for everyone, no ale will ever be a failure, but the elusive perfect brew will be a quest of its own! Craft recipes, brew beer, bribe the local lords, feed the poor, and discover the Abbot's dark past. The whole abbey is yours to explore, with decision making encounters and a mystery to uncover.


Soul Passage

From: Emrah Ozbay

Soul Passage is the story of an honorable nameless warrior. After losing his family and his people in his village, he makes a deal with Soul Keeper to bring them back to life. The Heartless Soul Keeper gives him a long quest to finish. From that day on the nameless warrior is know as Obligor. He is obligated to gather the souls of his enemies and pass them through the Soul Passage to complete the quest of the Soul Keeper.

Zoria: Age of Shattering is a classic tactical RPG with fluid turn-based combat, outpost, and followers management. You will lead a diverse team through the various lands of a Uram continent and against challenges countless groups of monsters and bosses. Zoria has now fallen prey to the sheer brutality of the hellspawn that roams its land. Its lush forests, mysterious caves, and majestic buildings have transformed into haunting and dreadful locations. Take your time and explore unknown areas, as each holds a mystery.



Finn is a young tourist who tries to live life at its fullest by visiting every corner of the world. This time, he decides to visit Aldeia da Pena, a small Portuguese schist village in the district of Coimbra. Entrudo’s main appeal is its fun and captivating gameplay, thanks to peaceful exploration the game fosters, as well as the rhythm minigames you'll play along the way.


Starship Simulator is a true work of passion, born of many a childhood dream to experience what it would truly be like to live and work on a massive deep space exploration vessel, just like the ones you see depicted in classic science fiction. You will serve as a crewmember on the maiden voyage of mankind's first-ever deep space exploration vessel - the Magellan Class. Every part of the ship is fully simulated and designed to be scientifically plausible. Nothing is mere surface detail. Every button does something, and every piece of hardware serves a real purpose.

Espresso Tycoon is a brand-new approach to the old classic tycoon games you remember from your childhood. Build a coffee shop from your dreams, where your customers can relax and drink delicious coffee. Deal with the emotional rollercoaster and build a successful coffee business. Feel like the real cafe owner, an empire builder, and create the whole strategy behind your success.



From: Shodanon

Image 7 Image 5

The top anticipated indie of IndieDB's 2022 line-up is Peripeteia, a cyberpunk stealth shooter with a retro style and gorgeously stylised visuals! You play as a cybernetic super assassin-for-hire in Europe, digging into contracts which can be solved in a variety of ways. Sweet talk the locals, break into some firewalls, or go for the classic route of "shoot everything that moves" - but this game's adaptive sandbox and stealth mechanics are intended to dissuade the average mouse-clicker and instead, reward thoughtful play and considerate tactics. Peripeteia is looking to be a great leap into the imsim genre and marries many of the best features of the modern retro revival scene.

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Congratulations to every winner in the Player's Choice: Best Upcoming Indies of 2022! Further congratulations are in order for every indie game that was nominated and participated in voting. With the Best Upcoming Indies announced, the final Indie of the Year results will go live on December 28.

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Enter: Duro

Enter: Duro


Learn about the mysterious training assistant, Duro!

Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked


Take a look at the Steam Achievements within Mythlink, as well as some hints on how to get the hidden achievements.

Emoticons and Badges and Cards, Oh My!

Emoticons and Badges and Cards, Oh My!


Announcing the newly added Steam Community Items for Mythlink

Looking Forward and Looking Back, 2022-2023

Looking Forward and Looking Back, 2022-2023


Annual reflection blog on how the last year went and what is planned for the upcoming year

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Demo 1.08

Demo 1.08


Demo version 1.08 for Mythlink. Saved data carries over to full version.

Demo 1.11

Demo 1.11


Demo version 1.11 for Mythlink. Save data carries over to full version.

Demo 1.07

Demo 1.07


Latest demo version for Mythlink. Saved data carries over to full version.

Demo 1.05

Demo 1.05


Game demo for Mythlink, stable version 1.05. Progress carries over to the full version. Requires Steam VR.

Current Production Demo

Current Production Demo


Current production demo build for Mythlink. Level is capped at 10.

Mythlink Prerelease Demo

Mythlink Prerelease Demo


Prerelease demo of Mythlink. Includes all major features of the game but leveling is restricted to max of 10. All gained experience points carry over...

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