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In the spirit of the season, The Dark Mod community has voted on it's Top 10 horror missions. Happy Halloween!

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TOP 10 Horror missions for The Dark Mod

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10) Let Sleeping Thieves Lie

Let Sleeping Thieves Lie Images

With it's wonderful window invasion street exploration (for treats) and it's daunting crypts and occult elements (tricks? ) this mission has all the right mood for Halloween. Author: Sir Taffsalot

While not technically a "horror" mission, the sheer chilly effect of many events in this mission earned it a top ranking in the horror list. Author: Demagogue

This horror mission has puzzled everyone who has played it. There is no logic in this house. Author: Stumpy (aka Belboz for you old taffers)

A stunning climax of sorts for the "Thomas Porter Series", we find the home of our nemesis and try to vanquish her once and for all. Author: Sotha

Have you ever noticed that things you can't see in horror films are often scarier than any ghoul or monsters they can show you? If you ever wanted to know how it feels to have a haunted presence watching you, this is the mission for you. Author: Mortem Desino

Sorry. You weren't supposed to know this seemingly cool city mission is actually a dark descent into the undead bowels of a haunted urban underworld. Author: Melan

4) Requiem

Requiem Images (2.0)

Though this mission is not entirely a horror mission, the recurrence of a Builder Ghost (guide), the Requiem itself, and the final confrontations in the catacombs all earn this mission a worthy place in a horror mission list. Author: Moonbo

This mission simply takes you to the "wrong part of town" and leaves you there. The atmosphere and tension of this imposing monastery complex is quite palpable. Author: Jesps

A recreation of DarkAngel's Thief 2 fan mission "The Cathedral of the Damned" which in-turn was inspired by the Thief 1 mission "The Haunted Cathedral", the screen-shots alone almost explain why this mission is so high on this list. Author: Bikerdude

A widely acclaimed mission which made the "Thomas Porter series" mission releases a ritual of anticipation. Sotha displays a masterful use of psychology in this pinnacle of horror experiences. Do not miss this one! Author: Sotha

One more thing...

At this very moment, Bikerdude is working on a mission tentatively scheduled to be released on Halloween....

verterpernerbors - - 15 comments

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nbohr1more Author
nbohr1more - - 445 comments

There's in in-game mission downloader but I will be uploading a pack to moddb

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angryreefer - - 67 comments

That would be awesome, thank you.

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Rus[T] - - 1,161 comments

Nice, I really like these features. Nice to see the creation of new missions is still going strong after the years. It's so cool you can add endless missions and mods without breaking the mythos or lore of "Thief". Endlessss possibilities!

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TKAzA - - 3,154 comments

Links added, still as noted simply use the in-game downloader.

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BrokenZilence - - 45 comments


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myxale - - 666 comments

Will set the mood alright.

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