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A discussion of whether or not to use the ORK framework for Dungeonis, with video!

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These last couple weeks I have been a bit MIA learning about ORK framework. It is basically RPG maker for unity. A lot of cool stuff is built in which makes for a great foundation for a traditional RPG, but that was not the original intent of Dungeonis. Dungeonis is more of an arcade like action style where this is more traditional RPG classic style. So my question to you is what do you think I should go with? The current Dungeonis we know and love, or rework to a more traditional RPG set up with all the cool stuff ORK has already available?

The pros to ORK are:

All that cool stuff built in.

Classic RPG feel

Less work for me

the cons are:

Combat will be turn based. Could also be considered a pro depending.

I have a bit less control to implement custom features. Have to work within the frameworks limits.

Might just be like most RPGs you know but reskinned with a different story... back to the classic RPG feel that is both a pro and con imo.

So in the end it just comes down to less code work for me to do really. What do you think? Leave a comment, stay tuned! And if you want to help out even if it is just feedback be sure to drop by

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