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Today, we look at developing a new sub level for our demo, as well as the introduction of bullrushing or shoving mechanics.

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Hello true believers!

BP3 001

Another day, another blog post. So what have we been up to today?

As one might assume from the last blog post, today saw more work being done on putting together the underground lava lair. A labyrinth has been added which you can choose to blast your way into if you're not into doing quests and talking to people and all of that stuff. Hideous beasts and treasure will await any who dare brave it's depths.

BP3 002

BP3 003

BP3 004

BP3 007

In order to make that enclosed environment as exciting as possible, bullrushing mechanics have been introduced. One of our favorite abilities in DnD 3.5e was the dungeoncrashing fighter option, which when combined with the Jotunbrud feat allowed characters to bounce enemies like they were croquet balls. This will follow in those footsteps, ensuring that strong characters and enemies have the frightening ability to toss people around during combat.

BP3 006

BP3 008

We still have to teach the apes how to shove (limited to the windows version for now, the lucky duckies) but when they do, WATCH OUT!

As always, please feel free to comment below or in a direct message. Thank you for reading!

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