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We announce the release of an enhanced Nod in this update

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We announce the release of an enhanced Nod in this update

Updating Nod

Greetings community,

Although we canceled Colony and Dream 51, we still have a few things that we wanted to do with tiberium secrets. For Nod, we added:

  • Faith-based power: Nod units now each generate a small amount of power to run your bases with.
  • Nod Power Plant replaced with Voice of Kane that generates a moderate amount of power in addition to buffing nearby infantry units.
  • Select Nod structures now have the ability to burrow underground and reemerge at a different location on the battlefield.
  • Kane's Wrath units added:
    • Confessor Cabal
    • The Awakened
    • The Enlightened
    • Reckoner
    • Specter
  • Avatar now buffs nearby infantry units (like the Purifier)
  • Kane's Wrath upgrades added
    • Black Disciple
    • Charged Particle Beam
    • Tiberium Core Missiles
    • Purifying Flame
    • Quad Turrets
  • Kane's Wrath power added
    • Power Signature Scan
  • New models for:
    • Attack bike
    • laser upgraded Scorpion
    • Obelisk of light
  • Beam Cannon damage increased 17% and resistance to GUN and GRENADE weapons increased 50%.

As you'll notice, instead of adding sub factions, we decided to incorporate a majority of the Kane's Wrath features into the original faction, making one t"uber faction" of sorts.

You can download the new version, here:

TiberiumSecrets 1.5

We are working on doing similar things for GDI and Scrin.

You can expect a mechanic shift, KW units,upgrade sand support powers, and maybe a few new asset for each of the original factions.

We may update Nod in the future. We have a tunnel, and laser fences planed.

GeneralJist signing out.

“For those with drive, and for those who endure, they shall be bonded forevermore.”

From here, there and everywhere: Ion Cannon Control

(Co-founder, Managing member, and producer)

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Faith-based power?
Nod Structures are now kept operational by thoughts and prayers?

Got a more descriptive explanation for how this mechanic works?
I can think up a couple of possible explanations, but I doubt they're as good. I will gladly furnish them upon request.
The mechanic is certainly novel, and I expect it to provide interesting tactical opportunities.

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GeneralJist Author

We are fatefully interested in hearing your thoughts.

This mechanic is meant to contrast with ASI, where units cost power, and is meant to give a different kind of strategic element.

It's also meant to resent people power.

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I had two ideas to explain it at the time, but I lost them in the intervening weeks.

What's the power output based on? Is it a flat amount per unit? A redeemer provides the same power as a militant? Reflective of Cost?

If it's the former, you could say something about Nod building towards a technological singularity. Perhaps they've created some sort of distributed energy network through use of their technology, and one assumes tiberium would be a key component somehow. If you trust the "tiberium bible" as a source of what Westwood truly had planned for Tiberium Twilight, it's said that Tiberium is meant to harvest "life energy" for the scrin. (Though the document is so riddled with typos and lousy grammar, I find it hard to believe) Had the Brotherhood found out how to exploit this property without killing themselves, I'm sure they'd use it. They'd likely issue a device containing some tiberium derived element to each militant/cyborg.

The other one I can think of at the moment is a cross between meditation and that old folding @ home system, again using some sort of technological linking. I think this would best be served with a meditation/prayer idle anim being added to the cycle for Nod infantry.
The idea being, again, through some technological means, Nod personnel are able to tune into some sort of mind link, and while doing so some power management system is borrowing their brain to calculate more efficient power distribution.

I think I had something a little more compelling before, but I'm sure you have this figured out.

I have one more, but this might require yet another change to how the system works. Basically, just have each structure become garrison-able, and instead of needing power, the infantry inside power it, maybe even have some structures able to accept a vehicular hook up. This would de-power the vehicle in question, however. If you wanna get really crazy with it, have an upgrade add more slots for garrisons, allowing you to overcharge a structure, thus boosting efficiency, but at slightly diminishing returns.

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As it is, each unit (counting infantry squads as one unit) provides the same amount of power as an Avatar. So keep those basic infantry around--they'll not only help defend your base but power it as well.

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Certainly encourages more hit & run as opposed to sacrificial rushes.

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