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We've joined in the celebration once again for the 23rd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun! We'll be running a gameplay show case at 7PM GMT+0 on August 24th. Join us to see the latest in TS Rising gameplay!

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To stay in the loop of the Tiberian Sun 23rd Anniversary Event running 22nd of August to 28th of August 2022 please Join the Tiberian Sun Anniversary Discord Server also to keep up with TS Rising news as it happens to please join the official Tiberian Sun Rising Discord server.

We've been invited back to the Tiberian Sun Anniversary. Its with great pleasure to participate once again with the C&C Community and represent the kind of projects our community creates. I apologise for the short notice things have been very busy between work and getting ready for the event. We've got some new things to show I think you'll be excited to see. While your waiting for the 24th kick off the celebration of TIberian Sun with today's event with Fading Dusk! Head on over to the Tiberian Sun Anniversary Discord Server. For the details of whats running as it happens!

Most of our resources are currently dedicated to the TS Rising Optimisation which has been a huge undertaking. So to minimise disruption to ongoing development our event this year is shorter than last year. We'll be running a Gameplay Showcase at 7 PM in GMT+0 TimeZone on August 24th once it hjis 8PM then TS Reborn will be showcasing gameplay for the rest of the evening.

Just to set expectations the build we'll be showcasing is the latest polish on the unoptimised version simply because it has the best visuals currently and it represents a lot of the latest polish we've put in since last year that we hope you'll enjoy!

I'll keep you updated if anything extra gets added to our schedule but that's our event for now.

23rd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun - 22nd to 28th August

23rd Anniversary Tiberian Sun

So starting today! August the 22nd is the 23rd Anniversary of Westwood's Tiberian Sun! Originally released in 1999 and become a beloved hit among C&C fans and certainly inspired us here on Tiberian Sun Rising to embark on an epic quest to try to take Tiberian Sun to the next level with Tiberian Sun Rising. The community has broughht the Tiberian Sun Anniversary event back by popular demand! Join the Tiberian Sun Anniversary Discord Server please find the schedule below!

Tiberian Sun Anniversary 23rd (2022)

The Community has banded together once again for this 23rd Anniversary Celebration event taking place from the 22nd of August to the 28th and there will be tournaments for Tiberian Sun, mods and other cool activities being run over the period and. Also theirs a great lineup of community mod projects featuring their work during the celebrations and Tiberian Sun RIsing is taking part! Please help spread the word via social media! and follow the events Facebook page. Also make sure you join the Discord Server specifically for the Tiberian Sun 23rd Anniversary event here for the latest updates: Join the Tiberian Sun Anniversary Discord Server

Tiberian Sun Rising Gameplay Showcase - 24th August

On the 24th of August, we'll be dedicating some time to showcase gameplay we'll be starting at 7PM in GMT+0 to bring you the latest and footage of Tiberian Sun Risings showing you the latest gameplay footage and features to date! If you've been wanting a closer look as we draw closer to release mark the 24th of August in your calender's! Its coming up really fast!

As mentioned above due to our resources being focused on Optimisation we'll be running a shorter event this year to minimise disruption to ongoing development. But we'll be giving you a Gameplay Showcase showing off the latest gameplay and how its come since our last event.

During GMT+1 (the events taking place in GMT+0 but due to Daylight savings this is GMT+1 currently). 23rd Anniversary Tiberian Sun

Tiberian Sun Rising Showcase (All times are in GMT+0)

  • 7:00PM GMT+1 - Gameplay Showcase

To stay up to date with details on the 24th of August and further information (very soon) make sure you give us a Like on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and our Official Discord server for Tiberian Sun Rising.. Please, help spread the word about this awesome event! Through the power of social media, Discord or your medium of choice choose your faction below GDI, Nod or the divine power of Tiberium itself! and spread your favourite image across the internet!

To stay up to date with news for Tiberian Sun Rising and upcoming events make sure you give us a Like on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel. To keep a pulse on TS RIsing and get the latest as it happens join our Official Discord server for Tiberian Sun Rising and please Join the Tiberian Sun Anniversary Discord Server

Machine-Reaper - - 2,259 comments

Just release the mod as it is, it looks good enough even if its a little laggy.

People will provide you with great feedback which will make optimization efforts more accurate.

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OrangeNero - - 6,593 comments

Looking forward to it! :D

(and have been for decades......)

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