The team behind the project Tiberian Sun Rising for C&C3.

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Tiberian Sun Rising

Tiberian Sun Rising

Real Time Strategy

Tiberian Sun Rising is a total conversion for Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars! Tiberian Sun Rising brings back GDI and Nod battling it out during the...

Jormungunder - - 112 comments

AssassinCS Last online : May 9 2020, it's a bad sign...

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darkyuri - - 1,364 comments

Is mod alive?

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Dudi008 - - 50 comments

Hello TSR Team.I'm a fan of this mod and i hope it's alive.Please make this mod and don't let those troll's destroy it. (sorry for my bad english)

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lukenxn - - 27 comments

I always thought a cool easter egg for the tiberium universe could be a random conscript wandering around or random heavy tank or something from the RA universe because of their whole messing with timelines etc, im not saying the dreaded CROSSOVER word, im just saying random easter egg.

I noted the shells of NOD power plants in C&C 3, i just thought something like this could have been a bit of fun or even a bonus mission objective attached.

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ApornasPlanet - - 4,126 comments

I have written a text arguing that the TSR mod team should ignore Tiberium Wars while developing the TSR campaign.

Sadly enough as it is now they are trying to fit the story with Tiberium Wars. I think they're wrong since Tiberium Wars contradicts canon in so many aspects. TSR have nothing to benefit in accepting TW as canon. There's nothing wrong with TS, TW is the flawed game! Don't limit this mods potential because of TW!

Please read it and comment:

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Greek_hoplite - - 125 comments


Make a new elite NOD army division named [Black Flower]. They are to operate a few of CABAL's parts and add information to the system of CABAL. This division will be the NOD's inteligence department making units as the spy in red alert but with weapon also a few special sidebar abilities will be nice as a result of their production building named [The Garden].

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swiggityswagger - - 272 comments

That would be a stupid and boring idea.
there is no reason to create a new faction that has no CONNECTION to the TS timeline

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The_Mastodon - - 4,278 comments

Heh you guys finally made a Team group, nice going you guys can't wait for your Mod!

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APOTHECARY888 - - 345 comments

More than 3 years later and we are still waiting

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