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The game has been renamed to 'Threat of the Trinity'

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Long in the works, and more in line with the content and plot, the game has been renamed to ‘Threat of the Trinity’

This has actually happened more than a year ago. And in fact, was the original title I was going to go with. For various reasons, however, I ended up settling on Advent of the Trinity. However, once development reached a certain point, the logic of original title, the connection to the new quests and ‘plot’ lines, became more apparent. So I changed the name back to the original ‘Threat of the Trinity’.

As you can see the website has been updated with relative graphics here and there. The game has long been using this title, so no change there. I suppose this change will mess up links to this site, and make the game even harder to find via the web. Oh well, it was already obscure enough. Now people really have to work to ever find it!

Ultima IV - Threat of the Trinity The new fancy logo!


Hopefully you can squeeze in the c64 sid music =)

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cambragol Author

Unfortunately, no. Though, if I could squeeze that in, it would be the Apple II Mockingboard version! (They are both really nice though).

I think there is a mod out there somewhere which adds in the original Apple music for the Dos version via a patch. That patch would likely work with Threat of the Trinity.

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