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The previous version has been patched. A lot of changes have been made so everything is documented below!

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They Hunger: Source Release v1.1p


  • Female Zombie class was succesfully implemented, so she has her own sounds.
  • Sniper Rifle has been changed - it has balanced fire rate, it doesn't shoot invisible projectile now, and is not capable of shooting underwater.
  • New chapter system has been added
  • Localization problems fixed
  • Cubemaps were made on maps
  • Title Menu problem, that could occasionally crash the game was fixed (chapterbackgrounds)
  • Animated lava texture on "Devil's Rift" chapter has been added
  • Fixed the bug, where the cop could fall through the raft on "Dead Swamps" level
  • Fixed the bug, when after killing the zombies in helicopter, the door wouldn't open on "Dead Swamps" level
  • Assault Rifle has been added in the helicopter on "Dead Swamps" level, it was missing there.
  • Water brushes were changed on they3.bsp (now it uses func_water_analog entity)
  • Fixed the scripts in the game files
  • VPK system has been added
  • Subtitle problems were fixed
  • Most of the maps were recompiled
  • Unused content was cut

To do:

  1. Adding switchable silenced for pistol
  2. Changing alien blood particles to red completely
  3. New zombie class

Animated lava

Female Zombie

Fixed sniper rifle in action

Fixed level

New chapter system

file 5

file 7

file 8

Yours truly, NOUG4AT and Fra3R

NOUG4AT - Mapper/Coder; Fra3R - Modeller/Designer


Amazing work

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thanks for fixing the rifle first. it really does feel a lot better now that it fires instant projectiles.

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sweet, now hopefully fans will start making hd models and texture packs!

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