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The upcoming game "Stone Age Warriors" is a multiplayer fighting game that features a tournament in which tribe members compete to the death inside an arena to determine which tribe is the strongest.

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Hi, IndieDB community we are RockSlide.

Welcome to our third article about Stone Age Warriors, our new game.

Today, we'll give you a first look at the tribesmen you'll be able to play in our game, as well as what distinguishes them.

1  body type studies

Image 1: Body type studies

When it came to character design, we kept all of the storytelling and lore that we created in the previous stage in mind, specifically the materials available to each tribe, the way they would construct their armor, and, more importantly, we kept the shape language that we used in the environment pieces consistent with the design of the characters: we used triangles and squares for the Cave Tribe and circles and curves for the Riverbay Tribe.

With that in mind, we started by doing some silhouette work to explore the different body types and proportions that wanted each tribe member to have.

2  face studies

Image 2: Face studies

We referenced some of the character designs from the 2013 animated film "Croods" to get a better sense of how to stylize the character proportions. We discovered via research and analysis that characters from the same tribe would have the same type of proportions (though some were more exaggerated than others) and that characters from different tribes would have different proportions. They would, however, all share a few characteristics (for example, the same eyes or nose type) to indicate that they are from the same world.

3  HairStyle studies

Image 3: Hairstyle studies

After we decided on the final look for the body and face, we put together the final body for each of the characters.

4  final body grayscale

Image 4: Final body

After we came up with the final look for the characters' bodies, it was finally time to start working on their armors. In the next post, we will go deeper into the armors of our tribesmen, but for now, we leave with a sneak peak at part 2.

5  armor silhouettes

Image 5: Armor silhouettes studies

That is all I have for you guys today.

Have a nice week!

RockSlide Studios

See you in the next post

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