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Welcome to the Skeleton War update. FILLER FILLER

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Remeber that big update I was talking about? Well, it's here now, and spook-life has pretty much had a full revamp. The skeleton war brings to spook life a whole new plot aswell as new models, and sounds, and much, much more. In this update, the story of spook-life is completely changed, and now... you are a veteran of the skeleton war going on. Due to equipment failing, the experiment has completely gone wrong, unleashing hundreds of new creatures from other planets. This experiment failing and the outcome being ayylien life forms teleporting into Spook-Mesa gives the skeleton war a new rival. A very, very advanced new rival. hlmv 2015 07 26 02 05 56 14 Due to the teleportation of these new creatures, the skeleton's arch-enemy the meat men, are called in to end the skeleton war and eliminate the skeleton race. But, they are greeted by not only ayyliens and skeletons, but one badass 7 year veteran skeleton, Gordon Spookman. This image shows some of our new models, aswell as one of the meat men


The G-Man and Scientist are really nice, well done c:
Nice touch on sci hair, even though they are skeletons you still can recognize them.

As for the mod idea, please, keep it less memes and more original content, this approach is much better than anything you could think of.

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We're trying our best not to meme out. Every update, expect less meme. I honestly don't like memes in games. This mod is going to be a disturbing, morbid, yet "hilarious and original" experience.

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johnmancena Author

Memeing out is not good for mods, take a look at dank-life for example.

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