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The official TFN clan listing is here along with some other special news about what the developers of TFN are doing.

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First off I am very proud to announcent that Team Camarilla International now officially consists of 4 guys, all from different countries. Let me introduce us...

1. Zer0Morph - Of course me obviously, I kind've started this whole crazy nonsense. I'm from the United States and I'm the guy responsible for the overall TFN project, the new discipline designs, new skins, new dialogues, and a host of other necessary grunt work that I hate doing, but needs done.

2. Scarecrow - He lives in Bulgaria, is a professional writer, and knows more VtM lore than anyone I know. He's become TFN's lead writer in dialogues, storyline plots, new quest ideas, and most importantly our only Voice Actor. He is also starting to get familiar with Blender allowing him to redesign some of our NPC and Weapon models.

3. Childe of Malkav - Any of you who are familiar with our Camarilla Edition mods will know his name. He began BETA testing CE 1.0 in the summer of 2009 and has been a proven member since. I handed CE over to him fulltime about 6 months ago and has since released a new version (1.3), and is preparing for his 2nd release (1.4) soon enough. He agreed to get on board the TFN project a few weeks ago and has since been writing python scripts to make our new quests run. This guy's the smartest German I've ever met!

4. The Philosopher - I am proud to introduce our newest member to the team, The Philosopher. He reigns from Brazil and just began working with us doing alot of the technical "grunt" work that is absolutely essential for TFN to run. He's extremely dedicated, talented, and will end up being the reason why TFN can make it's release date on time.

Now that introductions are over, let me update you on some of the things we're working on.

1. The official Clan Listing is done and can be read in the Features section here on ModDB.
2. We have finalized our first working fully interactive NPC named "Akeem". He is a 400 year old Assamite Vizier who discusses the new clans with the character, will sell Research Books, and will hand out brand new quests (and may teach the player a thing or two about life as a Kindred).
3. We have completely revamped how Barter works and to begin we have created new models and skins of each Research Book, giving each book a life of their own. Research Books are no longer found, but bought, from newly customized NPCs exclusive to TFN found around the city hubs, Akeem being one of those NPCs.
4. A new quest called "Inquisitors know too much" has been finished and is game ready. This new quest is given to the player by Akeem and deals with Hunters residing in downtown LA.
5. Stealth has been revamped and is now much harder and realistic. We have received alot of complaints at how easy the Stealth skill is to use and how you can hide right in front of enemies at a low level, so we adjusted the levels making it much more realistic. No longer can you hide in plain sight at level 4, now you must stick to the shadows.
6. Several more new side quests are in the works along with several new fully interactive NPCs.

We will get screenshots ASAP but until that time, hop over to our official forum and discuss TFN with us!

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