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Greetings, Generals! It's been 5 months since the mod development started again, we have some news for you, as we all going through some of our unit profiles.

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Greetings, Generals! It's been 5 months since the mod development started again, we have some news for you, as we all going through some of our unit profiles. These 3 months I've been focused on finishing the codes and Tank roster of both The Gallians and Imperials with some old models that are also improved.

With a strictly defense-oriented national policy, Gallia's tank designs focus more on defensive capabilities than offensive capabilities. Gallian tanks tend to be small and mobile in design to allow for greater freedom of movement through the surrounding terrain.

Immediately after the commencement of EW1, Theimer and other Gallian engineers recognized the threat of the Imperial tanks and quickly developed these tanks to defend Gallia. They succeeded in mass-producing these simple tanks, allowing Gallia to survive the Imperial onslaught.

The Light APC is built with a reasonable armor thickness, so it can shrug off attacks from rifles and other similar weapons, though it is still vulnerable to more powerful weapons like Anti-Armor Lances and Gattling Turrets. The Light APC is not designed for combat, but it is capable of dealing with minor resistance on the way to its objective, as well as carrying a few passengers home safely.

Wedged between the two superpowers that were the Empire and the Federation, Gallia had maintained a strictly defensive stance. The Gallian Destroyer Tank was being developed as the low-cost candidate for the possible integration of upgraded offensive units.

The Medium Tank is the Light Tank evolved. It is the same size as the Edelweiss, the tank that helped to claim victory for the Gallian Militia during the Gallian Campaign. The only difference between the Medium Tank and the Edelweiss is that the latter was built with all of the best and latest technology, regardless of cost. The Medium Tank was designed with mass production in mind, and many adjustments were made to lower production costs. The Edelweiss had a powerful engine that wouldn't normally be expected within a tank of its size, but that extra power allowed it to carry a larger turret and thicker armor. A stationary turret with a larger caliber was also considered for the Edelweiss, making it a truly luxurious tank. With mass production being the aim of the Medium Tank, matching the Edelweiss in every aspect was an impossibility.

Using the same parts that were being developed and refined for the Light Tank helped to reduce the cost of the Medium Tank. Though the Medium Tank may not be anywhere near the Edelweiss in terms of features, its ability to wield a coaxial machine gun set it apart from the Light Tanks. The Medium Tank is also much easier to pilot, with forwarding and backward movements accomplished with little difficulty. All of these factors granted the Medium Tank a central role within the army's armored division.

It is uncertain what the main purpose of the Heavy Tanks design was, but it is not difficult to imagine that it was influenced by the Lupus Regnum, the Imperial tank that attacked the Great Vasel Bridge during the Gallian Campaign. Though the Lupus Regnum suffered from various limitations, it was nearly invincible with its armor extended over the radiator, which provided added defense in exchange for some loss in cooling efficiency, and the 122mm turret offered terrifying firepower. Gallian tanks were always designed for defensive purposes, as they would never be invading another country, so their designers were willing to sacrifice some functional mobility because they knew the tanks' operators would always have the advantage of knowing the terrain. The sum of all these factors is the Heavy Tank. Though its large body does not lend itself well to mass production, the Heavy Tank can be outfitted with all of the parts that it's Light and Medium cousins can. Once it is out on the field, very few things can challenge the Heavy Tank advance.

A good tank needs to be both a powerful weapon as well as a sturdy shield. Fortunately, these two things are not mutually exclusive when it comes to tank design. There are, however, other features and attributes that must be compromised, such as mobility and production cost.

Created as a result of Gallia's new tank development policy, this tank's design was built with the versatility that Gallians are known for and possesses a good balance of offense, defense, and mobility. Though this small tank was created as more of a prototype than anything else, it can be modified with all but the heaviest turrets. This variant armed with the Mortar Turrets.

This Mortar turrets fire exploding rounds to damage their target and others in the immediate vicinity. The Mortar Turret fire their exploding rounds in an arc and do not require a long barrel for speed. Perfect for a Hit-and-Run against the Imperial Army.

This tank was designed and created by Isara's father, Professor Theimer. It features many new technologies, such as the turret with full rotation capabilities and the automated loading device built into the turret. This tank performs to its full potential with only 2 operators. Welkin is the tank commander and turret operator, while Isara acts as the driver and communications officer.

Even though this tank was designed immediately after EW1, it has many features that were not commonly seen until much later, including the sloping armor. Even as a prototype, Edelweiss proved itself to be one of the most powerful tanks ever created. Unfortunately, all of the new technology that went into its design caused the cost of manufacturing this type of tank to rise, and it was never approved for mass production.

Maybe many are wondering why there was a long delay between updates this time, all of which happened due to me not proficient at coding this game. But, rest assured, here's a peek at what I've been doing over the past 3 months.

In this update too, we are starting to show The Empire's Tank, the might of their military at your sight to see.

Although they were outclassed in both firepower and armor by their Federation counterparts, the light tanks saw considerable use during EWII. Weighing only 24 tons and boasting a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, the light tanks used their relative speed and agility to make up for their lack of armor.

A vast improvement over the previous models of Imperial tanks, over 12,000 units was constructed during the course of EWII. This success can be attributed to the increase in both armor and firepower over the Imperial light tank.

While the design of the Imperial medium tanks sacrificed the mobility of the previous models, this was made up for with a solid balance between armor, firepower, and speed. The medium tank was also easy to adapt and modify, leading to the production of numerous variants across the battlefield and earning it the nickname "Fatherland" by the Imperial soldiers who served alongside it.

The heavy tank was a relatively new design of the Imperial tank, bearing only a slight superficial resemblance to the light tank that had started the Imperial Tank Corps. With a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour, the heavy tank sacrificed the mobility of the medium and light tanks for drastically increased armor and firepower. The design of the Imperial heavy tank called for a long-barreled rotary cannon fed from a rear-mounted magazine equipped with a loading crane, in addition to a more powerful variation of the usual mortar and machine gun carried by Imperial tanks. All of its armaments were mounted on an interchangeable chassis, keeping the costs low during production and allowing a good number to be fielded quickly during the war.

The next updates would be the development of the other Imperial Tanks and there are still many buildings to be made and designed.

That's all for now if you are curious and wanted to keep a close update on this mod, feel free to follow by clicking the Recruitment Poster Below!

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HQ content! Want it so much <3!

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GLATechGeneral Author

Thanks dude

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Very nice models!

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I can’t wait to see this mod officially released,This is really exciting.

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Would you add elite infantry including 422 and the Ravens in the future? Or militia units?

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i think militia units (if they will make it into the release) should be cheap and deal low damage

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i have a question are you going to make a campaign

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