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With our Closed Beta Weekend coming up, it's time for you to meet our first faction, The Knights of Teutonia!

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Hello everybody,

If you haven’t heard, The Maestros is an Action/Strategy game inspired by old favorites. It’s like Pikmin meets Warcraft, but with transforming dieselpunk robots & mutating monsters. Check it out on Nov. 12 in our Closed Beta Weekend! Head over to now to get your name on the list!

With our beta weekend just around the corner, we thought it was time for you to meet the crew! Without further ado, meet our first faction: The Knights of Teutonia!


The only melee commander of the Teutonian army, this soldier is hard to take down. With his high health and good damage, the Tinkermeister is likely to charge right into the fray with his army close behind. With his ability creating a bubble to freeze all enemy units in a time lock, his foes need to be ready for a quick getaway if he gets too close.


This agile commander is both deadly and fragile. With her high attack damage, she can tear apart single units, but needs to keep her distance as she can fall faster than any other commander. Her ability, Blast Cannon, not only pushes enemies away, but her as well, giving her an edge in both keeping her distance, as well as pursuing enemies.


The Robomeister is an excellent commander at taking on groups of enemies, but falls short in single combat. His basic attack, while not as strong as other commanders, deals splash damage that hurts all surrounding foes. His ability is one not to be messed with, as he fires a rocket with infinite range that deals massive area of effect damage on impact, and provides quite a fireworks display!


The foundation of the Teutonian army. This basic unit is received in sets of two for every neutral killed. They have no unique abilities to call their own, but by transforming groups of them units, the player can gain access to the rest of the Teutonian army. Beware though, the Doughboy alone can still be deadly in large numbers.


These bulky robots leaking with oil are deadly to groups of weaker units, and one of the few units with a two-part ability. The Euler can create a large puddle of oil on the terrain that heavily slows all units trapped within it. However, if a player happens to have another Euler, he or she can cast the ability again on the oil slick to ignite it, heavily damaging all units unfortunate enough to be trapped within.


The tank of the Teutonian army. These melee units are typically the first into the fray, with a charge ability that stuns enemies on impact. Even when killed, the Jugger isn't done yet! Upon his death, four Nauts are released. These smaller, weaker units have a limited life span that can continue to harass your foes.


Long range and zone control is the name of the game for this unit. With a powerful shot that pierces enemy units, the aimbot can make quick work of foes who group up or remain in lines. The Aimbot can also lay mines, that after a brief arming period, can deal heavy damage to those who step in their path.


These single wheeled robots, while small, can pack quite a punch. With an already strong basic attack, these units have one of the most devastating, if difficult to use abilities in the game. Upon being triggered, all conductors will shoot an electric beam between all other Conductors within range, zapping all those between their ranks. The more conductors there are, the more havoc they can wreak.


Skybreakers are the closest thing to an ambush unit the Teutonians have to offer. Their basic attack will deal very heavy damage on the first firing, but will need a few seconds out of combat to recharge to that full potential. Their ability lets them fly off and land nearly anywhere on the map dealing massive damage, as well as allowing for a quick escape.

Thanks for checking us out! And make sure to sign up for our closed beta on November 12th!

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