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Hello everyone! Today we are going to share with you the improvements made in the level design, where we going to explain how the three different types of platforms work and the last two backgrounds for the game.

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Level Design:

So, this week we have some progress to show you in terms of level design, where we are going to explain in more detail the level features and in the game art.

As we shared in the first article we did, the level will have three different types of platforms(green, blue and purple), two types of enemies (red), obstacles(dark red, red and orange), memories (yellow) that the player needs to collect, secret rooms, chips to improve his combat and player mechanics and a boss.


For the normal platforms, the player can step into them, the false platforms disappear after the player steps into them and finally we have the puzzle platforms. In these ones, if the player steps in one of them, they will make others disappear through a pattern that the player needs to understand to proceed in the game.

Puzzle example


In the last week, our game artist has been working on these two backgrounds. They might suffer some changes in the future related to color and elements so we will keep you updated.

This is it for this week! We are going to keep posting articles about the creation process of the game so stay tuned and don't forget to follow our Instagram!

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