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This post covers all the new progress that has been made since the last hotfix after the mod has been released on the steam workshop

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Since the small patches in june a lot has been done to improve the mod. So far the roleplaying has basic traits and ancilaries as well as a few references to events from the show such as finding momo. More of such events or references are planned. One of the things that have already been implemented so far is Azula teaming up with her friends:

Furthermore additional traits have been added related to bending, allowing benders to become masters as well as their children having a 50% of being a bender. Aang can now also learn the 4 elements.

Aside from improving the gameplay and immersion the visuals of the mod are being updated as well. So far the following has been improved:

The battle map of Ba Sing Se now works. Furthermore the new water effects that come with Total War Rome Remastered have been added to the settlements:

The mod can be found on the steam workshop:



KurdishNomad - making the mod (unit models & textures, battlemap models & textures, strat models & textures, campaign map, ui, banners, bending animations etc.), parts of main menu
Hector - Helping with the implementation of vegetation on the battle map and parts of the menu UI
Dagovax - Helping with the implementation of bending animations and adding sound effects as well as creating many useful scripts and plugins to speed up various modding tasks
Drtad - collection of quotes, testing and feedback
Kashyyyk - descriptions of campaigns, diplomacy, units and events, testing and feedback
Wlesmana and LOTRTW team - base of the animations pack like two handed sword/spear unit animations. Use of ground textures as a base for new ATLA style ground textures
Velserin - Making a batch file to more easily start up the mod, making icon, making additional loading screens, testing and feedback
Trio - Testing and feedback
Lanjane - Testing and feedback
Greg Bugatti - Testing and feedback
Loqa - Testing and feedback

manicx - Main menu background video

Partyzap - testing and feedback
Many toolmakers such as Wilddog and Makanyane of IWTE and Vercingetorix, Redfox, Dagovax- Providing tools to make many aspects of modding possible
RTW modding community - Aiding me in the termination of many errors and hurdles.

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