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Heres a Summary of what the Solar Worlds at War mod is about and what the plans are for it. Solar Worlds at War is a mod that revolves around the War of the World Mythos and classic scifi such as Edisons Conquest of Mars, and Goliath. ULLA!!!

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What is this mod, and what is it about?

Hello everyone! I am Warper, maker of the Imperial Dimension Neptunia mod, and I am planning on making a second mod. For my IDN mod fans, dont worry, I will still be working on Imperial Dimension Neptunia as normal, and IDN will still follow the scheduled I set for its updates and it'll have the new update content I promised I would add.

Anyways lets go onto this Solar Worlds at War mod. This is a mod that I had been planning to make before I even started IDN; I had also been working on it in the meantime while working on IDN itself as working on IDN gave me experience in regards to rigging, animating, and making models. I know your probably asking "what is this weird mod and what is it about and why such a weird name". Ill answer those questions, starting with the Solar Worlds name; i'll admit I couldnt think of a better name that wasnt taken either by a different game, or game mod, or movie. So I just picked this name.

As for the main question of "what is this mod even about", Solar Worlds is a mod that is based off the world of HG Wells classic War of the Worlds Novel from the late 19th century. This mod takes place around the start of the 20th century in a alternate universe where the events of the War of the worlds and prelude events to Edisons Conquest of Mars novel had taken place, with aspects of both series being expanded and aspects taken from series like WOTW Goliath and the Jeff Wayne WOTW RTS game.

As a small summary in the Solar Worlds universe, the Martians had launched an attack on Earth near the end of the 19th century. The Martians nearly succeeding in conquering the world and exterminating humans, but they were stopped by the humblest of creatures, ie bacteria.
With the Martian invasion a failure, Earth was able to recover and humans were able to reverse engineer the Martians advanced tech; with great minds like Thomas Edison and Nickolas Tesla, who cracked the secret behind how the basics of the Martians tech worked, being responsible for tech development of spacecraft and the heatray/space propulsion respectively. This allowed technology to advance very quickly and the world became steampunkish and living standards became increased. Due to the previous invasion, US President Theodore Roosevelt had drafted plans for a military alliance to be formed to build a space force that could protect Earth from another Martian invasion. In the meantime, the Martians had upgraded their technology and had launched conquests on other worlds, to replenish their resources and arsenals, with moderate but very costly success. Seeing that Mars was dying, that the Martians finally have a way to survive against the Earth bacteria, and that Earth was the most energy rich world they could reach, the Martian council elected a new commander to prepare for a second invasion of Earth. While a new Great Martian War was brewing, dark forces in the rest of the sector were looking with envious and sinister eyes.

What are your plans for this mod and its future?

This mod will be based off the various War of the Worlds series mythos and various other 20th century Scifi stories but it'll have its own twists. The plan currently is to have multiple eras, multiple playable factions, and a variety of units and playstyles.
For example the first era (which is what i am currently focusing on) will be based off the imminent time period after the War of the Worlds novel, and it's world will be more "steampunish". Playable factions will be Earth Alliance led by T Roosevelt, Martians led by an elite tactician commander of the Martian council, and perhaps a 2nd Xeno Empire faction, but it'll mostly revolve around the Great Martian Wars between Humans and the parasitic Martians who conquered most of the solar system and the worlds surrounding it.

For era progression, my plans currently are to lock era progression to be story based, meaning that not all GC will have all eras available, and certain GC may be locked to only 1 era. It will also mean that the later the era, the better the weapons. Though there will be certain constants shared between all eras, such as the Xenos usually having better tanks and capital ships than the Human faction. Certain mechanics will remain unique to certain factions, such as Martians having exclusive access to the black smoke canisters, and continuing to use tripod/walker designs for their technology. Perhaps certain condition unlocks will be added to unlock special/unique units. As it currently is, the mod still has some planning to do and unit models to be finished. Amount of planets in GC will probably vary based on era as well due to later era meaning better propulsion technology. Overall I'm looking to make a unique mod and bring the magic of War of the Worlds to modern rts format as EAW seems like a perfect place to add it!
Ill post a unit roster soon.

Ulla ulla ulla?

Heres some screenshots of units that will be in the mod (note that many models are still being made, and that certain ones are still WIP and may change).

The Original Martian Fighting Machine, which will server as their main tank until the Mark 2 fighting machine is developed by them:

tripod in action

Winged Edison Corvette, which is an upgrade to the original Edison class frigated used by the Earth forces:

winged eidson

Lancer Space fighters are the First starfighters usable by the Human faction:

lancer fighter

In the later Eras, the Martians will gain Manta ray style fighting machines that are far stronger than the original fighting machine:

mortax attack


How very intriguing! You always were one to make unique mods for this game - something sadly few others seem willing to do. I'll be keeping a watch on this.

If I may, however, I think it'd be cool to see what ideas you have for the infantry units of this mod, assuming you'll be making new models for them.

I also think it'd be nice to see something like a space version of the HMS Thunderchild, of War of the Worlds fame, as a hero ship for the Earth forces.

Anyway, best of luck!

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Warper243 Author


> If I may, however, I think it'd be cool to see what ideas you have for the infantry units of this mod, assuming you'll be making new models for them.

I'll probably post a full list of the planned units for Era 1 in a few days.
Human infantry uniform will vary based off world but more importantly era, but the base design I will try to kitbash for Era 1 is something similar to this :
With them using something like this on volcanic worlds:

As for how they will function, I currently am thinking of having the regular infantry squadrons being composed of something like 8 rifleman and 1 grenadier, with the rifles becoming more powerful as era progresses, and eventually being replaced with ray guns.
Then they'll be a limited number of special infantry squadrons which use a portable light heatray that you can build; theyll be more mobile than vehicles but have less hp and accuracy. Heros like T.Roosevlet will also be equipped with this weapon.
Then there will be a engineer unit equipped with a grenade launcher which can repair vehicles, and a field commander which gives a small boost.

As for the Martians, they might have an "infantry" variant which uses a smaller mech suit to walk around (something like this: )and which spawns when their bigger vehicles are destroyed and an engineer. Possibly i'm thinking of also adding the "mosquito" Martian from the BBC WOTW adaptation ( ) as another "infantry for martians" (with their backstory being that the martians genetically engineered these creatures to help them).

> also think it'd be nice to see something like a space version of the HMS Thunderchild, of War of the Worlds fame, as a hero ship for the Earth forces.

That is happening for sure! The plan is to make a unique space dreadnought that you can only build 1 of that is called Thunderchild.

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