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Gearbox gives all the rights concering the title of Homeworld to BlackBird Interactive -- "Homeworld shipbreakers" announced

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Shortly about

BlackBird Interactive

BlackBird Interactive, shortly BBI is a game-developing company created by detaching of it's founders from a really famous, big company you surely know, Relic Entertainment, the company which has created the all Homeworld series ...

The couple of the most important people in BlackBird Int. were also the ones of the original founders of Relic Entertainment and main developers of Homeword 1 & 2. These are Rob Cunningham - now Chief Executive Officer of BBI and co-founder of Relic Entertainment in the past & Aaron Kambeitz - now Chief Creative Officer of BBI and one of the founding members in the past.

There are about 30 people working in BBI, however we should know at least and mainly about 5 of them : Rob Cunnigham, Yossarian King, Cody Kenworthy, Aaron Kambeitz and Jonathan Dowdeswell. These are - let's say - the most important people of BBI.

Another thing people who love Homeworld should absolutely know about is that Rob Cunningham is someone like the "father" of Homeworld 2... Just because Homeworld - as a title and both story lines of HW1 & 2, the whole design the original artworks and just everything around Homeworld is his work...


Now fully:

Full news

After announcing news and things around Borderlands 2 and other things and games or projects, Gearbox mentioned Homeworld and their plans of putting it to HD. However, Gearbox has also announced collaboration with BlackBird Interactive. Also Rob Cunnigham came up. He and Aaron Kambeitz came and the Vice president of Gearbox had a short conversation with them, also mentioned their new game called Hardware Shipbreakers (there is also a part of this piece of news dedicated to it below) and had a short interview with them...

Also they showed some pictures with examples of remaking Homeworld 2 to HD which you can see in the video below...

Now for those who are interested in BBI and their project:

Hardware Shipbreakers logo

While talking about collaboration with BBI and then with Rob Cunningham and Aaron Kambeitz, The Vice Persident of Geabox mentioned also a project game developers from BlackBird Interactive work on for some time. The game called Hardware Shipbreakers which you maybe heard about already...

If not yet, here You can watch The Official HARDWARE Teaser Video :
If you like Hardware Shipbreakers you will be surely interested in the piece of news Gearbox released... The Vice Persident of Gearbox announced Gearbox shares full right of the Homeworld title with BBI.

Hardware Shipbreakers

is now

Homeworld s.

In my opinion already just (because of) the fact Homeworld Shipbreakers will probably have what to do with the original Homeworld (some people for ex. say Homeworld Shipbreakers ought to prevent Homeworld), it's interesting, good and nice that it's ā€˛Homeworld shipbreakers". And if it really has what to do with Homeworld, the people who made Homeworld should totally have the right to own it somehow, and put it in title is the best way how to do it.

Find more info about the game on BlackBird Interactive sites, here :

I recomend you to click on this link : which will open your Internet browser of the video just with the time before talking about Homeworld during the panel at PAX, because the whole video is really long.

However if You want to see it full, here is the full video:


Not everybody likes games and generaly the way how Gearbox works. Even if somebody don't like like Gearbox, he must say that Gearbox is at least very smart and good for giving the rights to BlackBird Interactive, the original maker of Homeworld. We don't know how it will look like, but I think we can absolutely look for that, because wecan be sure BlackBird Interactive will make it as perfect as they made Homeworld once already.

We don't ether know, if there will be anything special - like really new on this all and Homeworld 1 & 2 HD remakes... However, the times are other and today's space games can be really incredible and awesome with perfect graphic, effects and whatever. In many cases howeve there are really big game requirements for playing these games fluently andwithout any problems, so they must run on great, efficient, complex, engines.

We can predict for sure, BBI wants to make Homeworld 1 & 2 HD reamkes as good as possible (just because of popularity of the original Homeworld 1 & 2). We can assume and hope, BBI will make a whole brand new engine for the reamkes, because I think we can say the actual - original engine probably wouldn't be enough efficient to make it ...

And I think I don't have to say and explain, how useful for our mod(s) this would be if they made that.



BlackBird Interactive:
Hardware Shipbreakers - Homeworld Shipbreakers:,,

Pictures (from a game):
Hardware Shipbreakers - Homeworld Shipbreakers:,,,,,,,,


The panel PAX Austraila, Gearbox announcements:
Official Hardware Teaser:


The Header:, -, -, ...


Let's hope for an awsome future of Homeworld...
Let's think about the perfection of HD remakes of Homeworld 1 & Homeworld 2 by the original makers...
Let's look forward to playing Homeworld in HD and enjoying it...

Sorry for the delay of releasing of these news, but there were some problems and things around checking them and allowing them to release...

That's all for now.
Thank you for reading.
Phoenix will try to keep you informed...
- Nexus out -

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The news aren't completely done - I'll fix it until today is over...
There are some things to correct about the text still, so please don't leave bad comments for that.

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Land battles? AWESOME

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Land battles = stupid because Homeworld is a space RTS and not a ground control rip off.

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I don't think its stupid, the game looks wonderful at its core. Its also not a traditional Homeworld game, nor was it intended to be one. Now that BBI has the rights again, they just set it in the Homeworld universe. I wouldn't be surprised if the desert planet was Kharak.

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Wow you are really stupid. Or better said, what an stupid commentary.

I always thought HW lacked that element of ground battles to become the perfect game. Now if they latter somehow joint this two separate games into a single one with a x4 campaign we'll end up having the perfect game.

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