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The end is almost near and the mod is almost finished.

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The end

So hello everyone and welcome to the second to last news post for the mod before it is released, As of right now we are working on final units and completing Text (Names and Descriptions) and the most important thing balancing.

Fall UpdateFall UpdateFall UpdateFall Update

Today we are here to show you a lot of new units that are in the mod, at the moment a lot of these units are GCW units but we will have Clone Wars era units posted up in the final news post before release.

Here is a list of units that are in this new update.

Rebel Grenadiers

Rebel Commandos

Imperial ShockTroopers (Star Wars Battlefront 2015 version)

Death Watch (Many variants) (also for the CIS and Mandalorian Faction)

Imperial Loader Shuttle

Imperial Cargo Shuttle.

All these new units can be seen in the new image post that will follow this new post.

Now for a little tease for the final news post.

Commander Fox

BX Commando Droid (ingame screenshots)

Cad Bane (ingame screenshots)

Republic Jedi

CIS Dark Side User.

and many more.

Here is a Promo image for some of those new ships that is in 1080p so you can use it as a background.

Right click and open image as new tab to get the full image.

Promo BG

Now onto some info behind why Death Watch is buildable units for the Mandalorians.

Death Watch,

So i really wanted to put Death Watch in the mod and for the Mandalorian so i came up with a little back story for them and here it is.

Shortly after Maul was defeated by Lord Sidious what was left of Death Watch fled Mandalore and went into hiding and was never seen again, a couple years after order 66 and the rise of the empire Death Watch came out of hiding and thought they could try and rebuild Death Watch but the Empire was quick to find them and sent a legion of troopers to take them out, They were able to flee the planet but only at the cost of a few men and women that stayed behind to hold off the Empire so they could escape.

Death Watch not knowing were to go decided to head back to Mandalore to see if they could hide out there but when their transports jumped out of hyperspace they were met with a graveyard of Imperial Star Destroyers and a massive Mandalorian Blockade with more then a dozen plus ships, they were a immediately contacted and told to land in the main space station orbiting the planet, Once they got off the ships they were greeted by Boba Fett. Sometime after they were asked to rejoin Mandalore and become a special force unit for the Mandalorian Military.

Now on to the Credits.

First off we would like to thank the First Strike Modding team for allowing us to use their Tie Defender,Tie Phantom and Skyhopper for the mod you can check them out in our new Promo Wallpaper for the mod.

Rebel Commando,Imperial Shocktrooper:DICE (model and textures)

Rebel Grenadiers:Lucasarts (model and textures)

Imperial Loader and Cargo Shuttle ;Factor 5

Death Watch (Models by Lucasarts and LucasAnimations, Textures by Cpt.Rex, Jedi_Clone_X2).

theolin2 - - 136 comments

Nice to see updates! I like your concept idea about deathwatch! keep up the good work!!

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Khanti - - 452 comments

At last some update :) I hope to see it done soon.

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DarthVicaten - - 181 comments

The End is near the Great Destroyer has Arrived,The End is near the Great Destroyer has Arrived Knock Knock If Anybody Gets that,they get Free Cookies

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Sightik - - 10 comments

блин, да когда уж ваш мод то выйдет))))) на дворе уже 21 октября.. превью написали аж 7 октября

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Bombur_The_Great - - 614 comments

when will the mod come out or is it dead
???? its so cool pls dont let it die

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Khanti - - 452 comments

What about "missing" texts in mod? Are there many replaced with real texts?

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SWEETCHILLi - - 4 comments

looks good, will there be force awakens content like starkiller base and the new republic/resistance guys, and the first order.

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HelloImMoonMoon - - 341 comments

I would like to see a GC or a campaign with the death watch with darth maul as leader, only with a few planets against the CIS and the GAR, imagine savage and maul with the death watch! That would be awesome, maybe pong krull and barris offee as heroes!

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