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The Elder Scrolls VI was officially announced and we want to tell how it will reflect on the future of The Elder Scrolls: Total War

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It's no secret that in the end of the Bethesda Softworks conference at E3 2018, the long-awaited The Elder Scrolls VI, the new full chapter in the legendary series so beloved by us, was unexpectedly announced for everyone.

And although this is insanely joyful news for all TES fans, it is quite obvious that even according to the most optimistic forecasts, the sixth part of the TES will not be released until the winter of 2019, and if we are to be frank - then this scenario is too fantastic. At the moment, the game does not even have a subtitle that could shed light on the scene or key events of the new TES. It also says that at least some significant information about TES VI we do not know before the release of Fallout 76, and even not before RPG Starfield.

How will this sudden announcement affect The Elder Scrolls: Total War? No matter how pessimistic this may sound for our fans - most likely, it won't affect.

By the time you see at least the first gameplay trailer for the new part, showing the scene of the TES VI, The Elder Scrolls: Total War is likely to have been completed long ago. Yes, if we rely on the above optimistic timing of the release of the TES VI, we plan to release version 2.0, the final release of the mod, much earlier than even the full-fledged advertising campaign of the game will start. There are many reasons for this:

1) Medieval 2 Total War itself is at the final stage of its life cycle and is no longer relevant. By the time TES VI is released, the modding of Medieval 2 is likely to lose almost the entire audience, which means that creating and promoting huge mods on it will lose all meaning. Among other things, interest in the event period of the mod's main campaign will fade away.

2) If TES VI presents to us the previously unprecedented provinces of Tamriel (and, given all past and planned releases of TESO is more accurate to say - the only previously unprecedented province), it will mean that we will have to rewrite an impressive portion of the visual content of some factions, and our first priority now is to finish what we have planned (not only obvious for our fans), and the new content will only lead to an unjustified stretching of the development of subsequent versions.

3) TESTW occupies an extremely important place in our life, this project taught us a lot of important skills, starting with banal patience and finishing with skills in 3D-modeling, 2D-art, scripting and game design. It's a really insanely interesting seven-year experience, but we understand that we can not do this mod forever and we need to move forward.

Here's a bit strange post. But to dilute this awful mood we will introduce a little optimism: firstly, we all, fans of TES, have a reason for joy, because ahead, albeit in a rather distant "ahead" we are waiting for a new part of the fascinating adventures in the lands of Tamriel. Secondly, the work on The Elder Scrolls: Total War is in full swing and we are working hard to bring you version 1.5 and what will follow it as soon as possible (and there will be a lot of interesting, believe me). We have already done a lot of polishing work for the new version, which means that the release date of 1.5 is getting closer and closer to us and to you.

In the meantime, everyone who has not yet seen the preview teaser of TES VI - be sure to see which of the provinces of Tamriel (or perhaps Akavir's territories?) Have been shown to us. Soon we will also please you with TESTW videos and in one of them there may even be a flashing release date...

And we finish our article with the concept art of the King Orgnum from Pyandonea. Yes, we (well, half of the team) even draw the concept art for this mod.

xxl0oy cGNY

hairboy - - 940 comments

Awesome concept art, I've played your mods for a long time and appreciated them all.

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thetruetayntor - - 69 comments

Nice Art!

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OctaviaNocturnis - - 1,014 comments

I'm sorry but I strongly disagree with the claim that Med 2 modding will become irrelevant by the time TES IV comes out (unless TES IV is coming out in 2025, but 2019? No way.) There are games out there still which have been actively modded for 20+ years with a fairly active modding community. StarCraft, Doom, and Red Alert are just a few examples.

I have not heard anywhere with proof that Medieval II modding is in it's "final stage of life". Sure fewer mods are being made new, but to date Medieval II is still the only total war game which is almost fully moddable. It will remain popular and have fans so as long as TW itself lives. Med II will continue strong for at least 5-6 more years I believe.

Mods remain relevant even when new video games or movies come out for the franchises they represent. Bethesda is not ever going to make an Elder Scrolls RTS, and RTS is likely to be popular for a while forthcoming. That includes Medieval 2, as "old" as it is. As you probably know, there have been some Rome Total War mods, such as Fourth Age Total War and EB which have been in development for more than 10-15 years now.

I do understand however that you feel as if the ESTW mod cannot go on forever, and your team is very close to reaching the goals the mod started with completely, but the dour put on other Med II mods is unfair to say the least.

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Guest - - 693,233 comments

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