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The new update 0.77 of the Starving Tournament with new features and: The Energy Shield to prevent players from falling out of the arena

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New Update of The Starving Tournament Open Alpha - 0.77


Fixed Major Bug with combat in unlimited mode:


What is the main camera? This can be an important question in a game especially when you're calculating combat hits from the camera position and direction. The unlimited mode had a major bug where after a respawn the menu cam wouldn't be disabled. The content of the camera was not rendered (Or overwritten by player cam) but the position confused the targetting system. With update 0.77 combat is working fine again and while fixing this bug we also added the option that different melee weapons have different range (based on their physical appereance)

Added betting system for specators:image008 1

The spectators now can place bets (with selected stake) to get more money. Bet types are PlayerX killes PlayerY, PlayerX survives for Y days and PlayerX wins the round. In later updates different bets will get different return, for now all bets return the doubled stake.

image009 2

Added energy shield as level border:

image005 1

There were some new playtests on youtube appearing where the players where jumping off the arena which off course should not be possible. We added an energy shield which also looks very cool and creates a claustrophobic atmosphere.

Improved bots:

The bots were just too mean in melee fighting. Now they will also miss their targets sometimes.

Many more small improvements and level updates like better looking bushes, new swamps, fixed sleeping (player won't attack when placing tent and is now sleeping inside tent)

Have fun checking out the new version

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