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In this game there's no lion, but there are definitely witches. And a wardrobe, but not what you might expect. The upcoming retro-style jRPG The Chronicles of Nyanya is full of delicious silliness.

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In a game full of cats you don't expect the theme of existential nihilism to take away the will to live and fight. But it's there, countered by friendship. The underlayer of philosophical and social commentary is light and funny, like the whole game, but worth noting. The main protagonist, Catair, is female and regularly hears sexist remarks. Black cats face discrimination for the untrue stereotype that they bring bad luck. On top of that there are numerous comments about simple workers oppressed by capitalists, priests and ghosts.

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The Chronicles of Nyanya will be released in February, 2018. The game offers up to 20 hours of gameplay & multiple endings.


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