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In the previous post we’ve talked about the gameplay features of the upcoming update. Here is the detailed patch notes:

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Overall performance improvements.

The damage calculation algorithm is refined.

The settings menu is now available. You can tune performance, audio settings and game settings (including scrolling speed, unit speed and hexagon glowing).

A new tutorial.

New pop-up messages with unit skills descriptions and current game events.

Hotkeys list.

New background music.

New warships' mechanics, all their systems are rebalanced.

New AI scripts, event triggers, and secondary scenario objectives.

AI in now better operating with ground forces.

Refined troops deployment via rail, navy and air transports.

New animations for barrel and turret movements as well as the whole unit rotation.

"Happy moments" refined, the camera takes multiple attacks into account now.

All tanks are rebalanced. Their 3D models are refined. Tank barrels types are changed.

New and improved unit assets for more realistic and smooth movement animation.

Refined environment objects colliders. New mechanics for choosing an object on the map.

All towed units now move on 1 hexagon without embarking via ground transport.

Coastal batteries are added. They can be captured by ground forces.

New "home" command for aircraft (aircraft automatically goes to the nearest allied airfield).

The right UI panel is refined for a better unit stats indication and airfield conditions.

New UI for unit management (leveling up, attaches, upgrading etc) and characteristics.

Various minor visual improvements and fixes.

Various fixes for technical issues.

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